Installed a power commander and took it to friend of mine’s shop to see what numbers im currently putting down.

Ended up putting down a solid 153 hp and 73lbs of torque. That black bike put down 206!

Had a lot of fun and I wanna give a big thanks to theuncannyj for putting in the work.

theuncannyj replied to your post: theuncannyj replied to your post: theuncannyj…

Im just being honest! Lets be real, looks are the first thing that people notice. You for example, I would be attracted to you by your looks and would want to get to know you. But if your personality sucks, I wont like you.

Fortunately, my personality does suck and you can feel free to stop reading my blog and complaining about me to me at any time! 


Sick slow motion video of bikes racing the Isle of Man