Last time I did one of these was over a year ago, so I thought it was about time I did another one. If I miss you I’m so sorry and if i realize Ill add you in. I follow roughly 900 people so it can be hard to keep track of >.<  Thank you all for having such amazing blogs ^.^ Everyone on here are people I wish I had the guts to start a conversation with, you’re all such wonderful people :] (also some bolded people im always wishing I was friends with/who are extra special :])

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It was 4am and an odd moment of the evening where everyone was actually asleep for once, Carrie had fallen asleep with Frieda next to her but was so overtired she was deeper than normal and hadn’t even noticed her infant change in size, the demon pressed up against her fiancee instead. A confused and disorientated Frieda stumbled out of her parents bedroom, now getting used to legs that supported her and looked around the kitchen. Hungry she rooted in the fridge, remembering that Carrie often went in there to get out food. But Frieda being young and naive she pulled out many steaks and began to tear into them- no impulse control yet with her young age and lack of knowledge. The brunette perked up when she heard a noise and the kitchen light was flipped on. “’Bad?’ she mouthed, covered in blood from the raw steaks.

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Carrie laughed loudly at the television, enthralled by reruns of Looney Tunes, the demon sat eating from a box of Fruity Pebbles, having just poured the milk into the packet to save time and cleaning up, as a demon she only ever slept a couple of hours at night, usually only staying in bed to keep Victoria company. The demon looked up when she noticed her fiancee in the doorway, giving a tiny whine under her breath since she’d been becoming sexually frustrated with not touching her.