A couple of weeks ago I came across and thought I recognized the person who runs it from around campus. So after doing some creeping research I managed to confirm he does go to Temple. Joey seems to have developed quite a following so I decided to include him in The Temple News’ Movers & Shakers issue. Read the Q&A below. 


When most people create a Tumblr account, they use it mainly as an outlet to repost things they see from other users. Joey DeAngelis, however, has used his blog to create connections in the entertainment industry.

DeAngelis, a junior media studies and production major, has gained a massive following with his blog, “The TV Screen,” and secured a writing position with the Huffington Post, reviewing shows like “True Blood” and “American Horror Story: Asylum.”

The Temple News caught up with DeAngelis to find out how he started his blog and how he’s made a name for himself in an oversaturated market.

The Temple News: How did you first start blogging?

Joey DeAngelis: It started originally in June 2010 as a fashion photography blog because that’s what I wanted to do at the time. Then, eventually, I went to Rochester Institute of Technology – before I came [to Temple] – for photography. Then it [morphed] into a TV blog, and I dropped out of [RIT] because I didn’t want to do photography anymore, I wanted to do TV instead. So I came [to Temple] and my blog kind of [started] from there.

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