tushyqueen asked:

Are you going to pursue music as a career? Your voice has a unique sound and is basically what I have been looking for forever in an alternative/indie musician!

Yes, that’s what i’m hoping to do! I’m actually working on trying out for The Voice at the moment, since they are much more accepting of more alternative artists and stuff! Thank you so much though, I’m glad you like my music!

tushyqueen asked:

You probably get this all the time but I'm blown away by you. Your cosplay and art is amazing and that's a pretty hard combination to beat. I just wanted to leave the compliment, and thanks for being an inspiration!

(sorry for the late reply!) aaaaaw your comment makes me very happy, thank you SO much!! ;-;

the eternal problem is whether or not to clean your room for your best friend.

on one hand don’t want them to be repulsed, but i also want them to accept me for who i am 

but then again they’re are friends with me so the are repulsed either way