Today im showing off one of my old school graffiti gates i had painted back in 2001 that still exsists, this gate is located in Chelsea NYC and it was formerly the club called “The Tunnel” The Hip-Hop DJ and Radio Jockey from Hot 97.1 Mr.Funk Master Flex was the exclusive DJ at this spot and had made a name for himself spinning records at this very club dating back in 1995 although he was already famous and known for “dropping the BOMB” over new tracks. So i had actually forgot about this spot until me and my friend Jean drove by it on the way home way one night and Jean goes “Mother Fucker” look at your spot right there still LIVING!!! I was shocked so i had to stop and set the tripod up to get an overexposed shot with me being nothing but a blur, after all it is the past. My graffiti era ran and lasted through 1998-2002 when i was caught, arrested and booked by Vandal Squad and then later published in officer Joseph Rivera’s book titled “Vandal Squad” So enjoy my work of the past……..