thetruekingofoz asked:

*He looked to red with some interest, his eternal smile betraying no feelings other than mischief. He slowly rose his foot off of Candy... then brought it down twice as hard.*

Candy: …why…

Red: See, that right there is unfortunate. Because now I have to kill you. (He draws his knives and crosses them in front of him) Restriction 666 released. Dimensional interference force-field, Deployed! Code: S.O.L, Blazblue, ACTIVATE! YOU WANTED A FIGHT!? YOU FUCKING GOT ONE YOU LITTLE BURGER KING BITCH!

thetruekingofoz asked:


((Candy has a healthy and understandable fear of you. You are banned from hugs due to your multiple, unprovoked attacks against him))

((Red sees you as nothing but a coward. Attacking opponents that won’t fight back and claiming to be searching for an even battle.))

thetruekingofoz asked:

"Hm..." *He crossed his arms and continued grounding Candy into the dirt, casually stomping as he scanned the immediate area. He considered this a victory in is name, despite the frailty of his opponent.*

Red: Hey, jackass? I know the pink suit just makes you wanna hit him, I feel you there, buuuuuuut I can’t have you doing that right now. So if you’d kindly fuck off? I’d appreciate it.