In less than 36 hours of releasing their first single, The Tragic Thrills are already at #67 on the iTunes Alternative Charts, and slowly rising. I’m so proud of these guys, just SO proud. 

If you haven’t already heard their new single “Tears” please give it a chance and buy a copy from iTunes, or even if you already have the leaked version of the single from a few months ago. Us fans actually purchasing the single on iTunes makes such a big impact on the band, such a big impact I doubt us as fans will ever truly understand. So please, please give this band a chance, or if you already love the band, purchase the single here on iTunes for just $1.99 for 2 songs!! (One gets “Afterthoughts” as well! :) )

Brent, Cameron, Michael, and Zach have all worked so hard and now finally have the chance for their music to be taken seriously. We fans have to do everything we can to help this new project take off if we want the guys to reach the level of success we know they deserve :)

So... This happened. <3 (I'm putting it all in order.)

So basically that’s their van, and Cameron walked outside to go in there. I didn’t realize it was him until he looked at me smiling with his BIG GORGEOUS SMILE. I freaked out. I complimented his shirt, and he said thank you and complimented my friend (we had  just met so, I’m pretty sure its safe to say we were friends) lol.

Cam & I think Chris working the merch booth. <3

fucking amazing night. <3