Kind of OC masterpost (full size link:[x])

Actually some are missing though, I put all the characters whose color palette is settled.

Color of names indicates the world they’re currently in, same color means they’re existing in a same world.

From left to right, up to down -

Triffid / Imp / TG / Ailis / Aurea / Ye Hwa / Siez Aleza / Avain / Dis&Melor / Thetra / Kisil / Yirumina / Austin / Heine / Weaver / Jaswu / Mijor / Skasa Roxide / Locust / Chisa / Guargateia / Carmen / Tizzy / Sumin


I’ve been working on developing two new comics, behind the scenes, for a while now and I’m very excited about them! The first one that I plan to complete is about something that I never thought I would write about: superheroes!… Well, really it’s mostly about two supervillain sisters: Patty and Thetra.

I finally nailed down all the major character designs, so I thought I would share them. You’ll be seeing more art of them in the future!