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Hile! I have a question regarding the Unfound symbol. Is there a way to "write" it so it would read "Found" instead of "Unfound"? Thankee Sai, long days and pleasant nights.

Yes there is! I diagrammed it in paint for you.

You can knock off the first symbol, and it will spell “found”.

Moderators' Note (Chapter 2)

Hile Gunslingers!

Martinipistache here. Sarah’s told you everything and it was well said, so I won’t add anything else; but I just wanted to let you know that everything was fine here, I just need some time away from the computer to sort some things out, finally find my place in the world and take care of my new Ka-tet member: a 2 months old kitty named Mozart.

I will still read the blog and post occasionally on my main blog but mostly I will be away for the time being.

itsnineteen and magicnein will help too, as they are, like Sarah, mods on this blog for a while now, so be nice to the three of them.

Take care, Sais, you’re in good hands, and don’t hesitate to submit your art, tattoos or favourite quote.