With all these seven or so trials of fan-made Habits coming to a close

I for one am more than excited to be somebody that is posting about @the-tournament

I won’t say much other than for those that have joined, you can tell this clearly is not your run off the mill summer tournament.

This isn’t your typical Habit x Player or Character x Your Headcanon game.

This is original.
It’s pretty rad.

And it’s the introduction to something so much bigger.
Share and spreading; REGARDS’ ORDERS :)

Matthew Reilly has returned from a holiday in Ayres Rock just in time for the launch of The Tournament. I feel this was a working vacation with a little ‘research’ happening - getting excited for  Jack West Jnr. sequel soon!!

Also if you want to be there for the release of The Tournament on Sunday here’s the details.

External image
[INFOGRAPHIC] [Tournament Winner] Battle of the Best Boy and Girl Groups!

As the NCAA Basketball Tournament heads to the Final Four, allkpop‘s March TournamentBattle of the Best Boy and Girl Groups!’ has now come to a conclusion. Congratulations to the Tournament ChampionSuper Junior!

The tournament received more than 4.5 million votes from nearly 1 million unique users! 

As some of you are probably stat-heads, we created this Infographic which provides a more in-depth look into the Tournament. Check it out below!

Source: AllKpop