Jack smiled as he leaned on his staff. “Hi, how are you this fine winter?”

Many people stared following you!
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“Heeeello!” Emma greeted the visitors, stepping out of the house and standing right in front of them. “Are ya new here?” She questioned, narrowing her eyes at them. A lot of foreign people had strangely begun to show up in Burguess, especially in her house.

Lots of people want to have a little fun...
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It was safe to say that Jack was in a fairly good mood. The reasoning for his mood however, was not so good, after all… people were harmed for his own satisfaction. For anyone that crossed him today however, that would save them a lot of suffering. Currently, the spirit was freezing over sidewalks, and chuckling to himself as people slipped and fell down. 

Lots of People want a snow day!
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Jack landed lithely on a tree branch, letting out a low chuckle. He had just spent most of the day spreading heavy snow in Burgess, only to be yelled out by Bunny for making trouble so close to Easter. Amused by the thought, Jack had promptly assured Bunny that Easter Sunday would be much worse, and had flown off as the Pooka yelled behind him. Still amused, Jack offered a playful grin. 

“Hello there!” he chuckled.