Some of my favorite GTOP vids, for those who have just fallen down this rabbit hole:

T.O.P. pinches GD’s nipple 
Touring T.O.P.’s hostel, complete with GD’s best impersonation 
Straight chilling in Big Bang’s dorm
The one where GD plays the bongo’s on T.O.P.’s butt
Karaoke 2getha!!!
Whatever the hell this was
Pranking GD
More with T.O.P.’s butt (it’s a pretty great butt)
Music Core 1
Music Core 2 

Luv u all :*

I usually don’t watch The Tonight Show in its entirety, but I definitely catch up on clips a few times a week. If I could pick a celebrity to have dinner with, Jimmy Fallon would definitely be on my list! He just seems like such a genuine, down to earth dude who has worked hard to get where he is and appreciates every second of it, and I respect that immensely!! Hopefully he would bring his bff Justin Timberlake along too! #inktober #jimmyfallon #thetonightshow #sketch #doodle #coloredpencil

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This is what I’ll wear to protect my head from poisonous spiders and snakes on winter here in Australia!! Souvenir from NBC store brought by my friend who went to NY!! @tonightshowfallon @jimmyfallon #jimmyfallon #thetonightshow

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