Holy Crap We Have Over 12k Followers!

Guys…GUYS!? You know what this means right?


Because I love you guys…and come on, you’ve earned it.

However, Your Humble Narrator has to have a good long think about what prizes to give out this time. Cuz I want em to be good. Also, there will be a tie-in this time with the Twitter account (@The_TH_Effect), to give those Twitterverse peeps some love. So stay tuned.

Apologies for the shitty graphic (I don’t have aftereffects) buuuut it’s my birthdayyyyyy and so to celebrate, I wanted to do a shoutout to some of the amazing people that have made my time on this site absolutely worth it, every day. I have made friends for life and learned so much from people here, it’s been a wild ride.

Also, I want to thank each and every one of my followers. At this time last year, I had around four thousand of y’all. If someone had told me then that a year later I would have four times that, I honestly would have laughed. It’s incredible. Thank you.

Mutuals bolded and friends italicized. Very sorry if I missed you, message me if I did, the alphabetical list on the app sometimes likes to leave people off.

Beautiful Baes

covleone fromhiddleswithlove hiddles-and-a-cuppa-tea thewinchestercave​ tomsassgard

Amazing Follow Forevers

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