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Holy Crap We Have Over 12k Followers!

Guys…GUYS!? You know what this means right?


Because I love you guys…and come on, you’ve earned it.

However, Your Humble Narrator has to have a good long think about what prizes to give out this time. Cuz I want em to be good. Also, there will be a tie-in this time with the Twitter account (@The_TH_Effect), to give those Twitterverse peeps some love. So stay tuned.

List of FAKE Tom Hiddleston Quotes

(**Note: Some more info added on the self-reblog. **)

There might be extra proof I can add later, but for now here’s a list of the fakes I know of and the main proof. If you google  - tom hiddleston fake quote - you may be able to find more evidence yourself also. :)


Any gifs  or pictures that are marked “fuckyeahsterekfeels” or which originate there should not be trusted as this user has made fake captions more than once. The ones that I know of can be seen at the following links:

A good post showing where you can see the videos with the true words, plus the gifs with fake captions:      

—– Update on the above: Crazyinanutshell has deleted the above tumblr where this post showing all the evidence all together was. However, the other links above still exist. Thankyou also to Andartha who has screencapped some information:

I guess the ultimate answer is if you haven’t actually watched a video and heard the people in it saying the words, then you don’t know that the captions on a gif or picture are true. 


The next one has tricked most people because it went very viral on a Buzzfeed, and is about love and romance and respecting women, and is designed to become popular.  All knowledgeable Tom fans consider it fake as they have never seen a video with these words, plus the words are a bit different to how Tom talks. is not a professional source, it’s crowdsourced which means kind of public-made. Same with lots of other websites, even lots of  ’quote websites’ like or ‘celebrity gossip / news websites’. There is also a site called Mediamass whose About / Terms & Conditions / small print says it is a parody site and nothing there is true. There might be more sites like that as well.

Below are links to all the Thor era videos that could match visually, but the words and topics never match. It’s only interviews about the first Thor.  There’s no talk of love, romance or women going on.

I totally believe that Tom has a great deal of respect for women and has romance ability though! He has definitely shown this in real interviews, using words that are more his style. Just not with these fake words.

Sadly even has reported this fabricated quote. You can see it at the end of the article here: 


Here is the reveal about a fake interview of Tom confirming relationship with Taylor Swift in June 2016 - the fake interview was edited from other audio clips put together, made as a joke by a Belgian radio station.


Finally this love quote is very over-the-top and ridiculous and flowery and may not have circulated as much or fooled as many people.


Please be aware that there are  ”quote websites” that are not professionally curated or anything - public users can just add whatever made up “quotes” they want and nobody is likely to check the source or stop them. This includes There are memes everywhere with words on a picture, or underneath a picture, and there is every possibility the words could be made up, unless you’ve read them in a professional interview or heard them on a video with the sound.


Please let me know if you ever see something I’ve got that isn’t legit, I definitely want to know. I usually watch each new video fairly quickly / as soon as I can, but so many of us use social media or Tumblr every day and want to keep our content quite active, and there are times you don’t have a chance to watch every video fully before gifs come across your dash. I reblog quotes or information only if I’ve seen the information before from a professional source that I trust, or anytime if I haven’t seen the words or news yet, I’m wary if the source isn’t a Tumblr user I’m familiar with as being reliable and really knowing their stuff. If I’m reblogging something to ask other fans about the validity, I’ll comment that right below it, but I don’t do that often. I guess it’s unlikely but possible, that at some point I could reblog a non-real quote if it was a very good fake done by a knowledgeable fan, and my brain was fuzzy and I thought I remembered the words from interviews but they had been changed a little. And sometimes I don’t mind reblogging if there is a tiny tiny missed word or something but the meaning or understanding of the message has not changed at all. Or there’s always a chance you can accidentally hit the reblog button and not notice. Reblogging something that’s off could be pretty easy to do really, if sometimes very good fakes get made that do sound exactly like Tom’s established interview identity, so credibility takes quite a bit of care. And it really is a shame that some people make fake stuff or create / spread stuff that isn’t professionally sourced facts. :/ I have a ton of extra respect for all who take care in this. :) (But it’s not like I think you’re a terrible person or anything if you have sometime hit reblog / retweet / share  on something you really believed was genuine, but turns out it wasn’t. But I think the truth is important and matters so I think it’s such a good thing to try to be sure about something before we spread it or put faith in it. :) )

I love him bc even when hes tired (bc his eyes r red and they show he has prob been up longer than he should) he will still stop and take pix with and for ppl. Heart of gold… #sweetheart #tomhiddleston #hiddles #hiddleston #hiddlesarmy #hiddlestoners #hiddlesHOE #hiddlesporn #blondehiddles #gingerhiddles #hiddlesfanselfies #loki #lokiporn #lokisarmy #thiddy #twhiddleston #pervyfangirl #pantiedropper #loveyourlife #lovehim #britishhottie #goodtobebad #godofmischief #thetomhiddlestoneffect

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WOOT! The wait is over and the giveaway winners are *drum roll*:

Congratulations! *throws confetti* All winners will receive:

  1. OMFG! Funny and Cute Hiddles ->1 copy of Suburban Shootout (DVD, Region 1 Only)
  2. OMFG x 100! Hot Detective with Snark Hiddles ->1 copy of Wallander - Season 1 (DVD, Region 1 Only)
  3. OMFG x 9000! Sexy as Hell with Serious Emotional Issues Hiddles -> 1 copy of The Deep Blue Sea (DVD, Region 1 Only)

Dear winners, you have all been sent an email by Your Humble Narrator informing you of your victory! A separate notification will be sent to you when your prizes are on their way!

Didn’t win?

Well, FEAR NOT! We’re coming up on some more milestones and *le gasp* some more lovely giveaways! (because I like giveaways, and like you guys…EVERYBODY WINS!)

Because we all need some wet, sweaty, showering or just sexy Hiddles on our dashes


I love you and I’m taking you (or as many as I can) with me down the hole ;-P

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To me this pic says so much. Hes just a guy, who loves what hes good at. He is in one of his favorite shirts, fave pair of slip on vans w no sox, comfy pants just wants jam out with the guys. In this pic he is just, Tom. ❤️🎸🎼🎤🎶 #thiddy #hiddleston #isawthelight #hankwilliams #CowboyHiddles #lovehim #twhiddleston #thetomhiddlestoneffect

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I have no words…Your Humble Narrator is, well, humbled. I created this blog mainly to learn more about social media and blogging. What better way to learn than to make the blogging subject matter something or someone interesting. Who knew that the “Holy sweet nuggets! Raging hot blonde detective dude” I ogled in a Wallander episode would lead to so much rejoicing…and continued ogling.

So, this blog has grown past all expectations (not that I had any to start with!), so this giveaway is my thanks to you. I wish I could give you all your own personal Hiddleston clone. Alas, I cannot (but I’m working on it).

The Official Tom Hiddleston Effect - “And There Was Much Rejoicing” Giveaway Rules:

  • To be eligible for the giveaway, you must be a follower of thetomhiddlestoneffect.tumblr and you must fill out the form located here:

  • You must fill out the form. Tumblr notes/emails/replies/reblogs will not be considered official entries.
  • You must use a valid postal address to be eligible. Sorry, P.O. boxes are not acceptable.
  • You must use a valid email address to be eligible.
  • No purchases of any kind are necessary. Not that I’m selling anything.
  • There will only be 3 winners chosen.
  • All winners will be chosen at random. No favoritism.
  • All winners will receive the same prize:
  1. OMFG! Funny and Cute Hiddles -> 1 copy of Suburban Shootout (DVD, Region 1 Only)
  2. OMFG x 100! Hot Detective with Snark Hiddles -> 1 copy of Wallander - Season 1 (DVD, Region 1 Only)
  3. OMFG x 9000! Sexy as Hell with Serious Emotional Issues Hiddles -> 1 copy of The Deep Blue Sea (DVD, Region 1 Only)
  • Only individuals are eligible. A winner cannot be a group, company, or service.
  • All personal information (full name, address, and email address) is strictly confidential and will not be shared nor used for any other purposes. For all winners, once your prize is delivered your information will be permanently erased.
  • If you are a winner, thetomhiddlestoneffect.tumblr is not responsible for the speed of delivery nor the condition of your prize. Let’s be real. I live in the US, if you live in China it’s probably gunna take a bit of time to get to you.
  • This giveaway ends on April 30th, 2014 midnight (Pacific time) - A blog post will be made on thetomhiddlestoneffect.tumblr with the list of winners, and I will contact all winners via the email address sent in the completed form above.

Yep, I’m running this one the same as the last giveaway. So yes, you must fill out a form and by filling out the form you are agreeing to the official rules listed above and you are indicating that you actually want the prize if you win!

Please direct any and all questions to this blog *points at ask box*.

And remember my Hiddlestoner peeps, sharing is caring…so reblog!


your sunday evening ladyboner, courtesy of @twhiddleston: the return of the leather jacket prompted a retrospective which is sure to drive tomismonochromaticallyfabulous INFUCKINGSANE

Images @DrGotts (Andy Gotts),, thetomhiddlestoneffect, torrilla, jasonhetheringtonjournal, flauntmagazine, tomismonochromaticallyfabulous, Screen Magazine (Japan), letskeepthisbetweenyouandme

I love his sass… #loki #lokiporn #lokisarmy #lokiodinson #Godofmischief #avengers #lovehim #loveyourlife #marvel #TomHiddleston #tomnomnom #Hiddles #hiddlesHOE #hiddleshug #Hiddleston #hiddlesarmy #hiddleslove #hiddlestoners #thiddy #twhiddleston #twh #thetomhiddlestoneffect

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WOOT! The wait is over and the giveaway winners are *drum roll*:

Congratulations! *throws confetti* All winners will receive:

  1. 1 copy of Thor (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) (Region A/1)
  2. 1 Lego Marvel Super Heroes Loki Minifigure

Dear winners, you have all been sent an email by Your Humble Narrator informing you of your victory! A separate notification will be sent to you when your prizes are on their way!

Didn’t win? :(

FEAR NOT! The Tom Hiddleston Effect is about to hit another follower milestone (Holy crap!). And you know what that means? Yes! Another giveaway! So stay tuned.

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Frustration Game Dom!Tom suit edition (NSFW +18)

Let’s use our imagination to finish this ;-P (it’s not frustration game if I don’t leave some frustration in the end)

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