Real Life Stories #20

Christine and I want to hang out with Jen tomorrow, but she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to. This is Christine’s plan to ensure we have some quality time together.

okay, this is our plan. we lure her out with meat on a fishing rod, and once she detects it, we slowly scurry away with it so she follows. once inside the delicious place of food, we order food and then put …a napsack over her head and take her to your lair. sound good?

Real Life Stories #13
  • Me: You guys should just come over again during Spring Break and save me from the endless VCD marathon I'll be having.
  • Christine: but i value my life haha. :p
  • Me: What if I promise I won't kill you? (You know, as long as you just don't touch any of my stuff)
  • Christine: FINGERPAINT TIME!! oh goodness, i might just die.
  • Me: i nearly sent you a death glare through the computer for what you just insinuated
  • Christine: heh...heh-heh-heh.... nevermind.