safare answered your question: turning to tumblr for help! so, i’m going to new…

my cat’s named Figaro so there’s that

thetimenerdparadox answered your question: turning to tumblr for help! so, i’m going to new…

I would narrow it down to The Tempest or one of the Mozarts

carryacrossandasong answered your question: turning to tumblr for help! so, i’m going to new…

ooh I’m not a huge opera buff but if you want the classic opera experience, I’d say you can’t go wrong with Mozart.

sarah, you suck. izzy and erin, thanks so much! i was leaning toward mozart and i think i’m defs gonna go with that now, so i just have to pick which one. thank you!


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RitsukaFlame is one of my voice acting friends. She is kind and incredibly talented.

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1) How old are you?


2) What are your goals in life?

Be creative and entertain people. I’m sorta still trying to figure that stuff out.

3) What’s your favorite new anime this year?

Attack on Titan.

4) Do you have feelings for someone right now, and if so do they know?


5) Who do you look up most to in your life?

*Shrugs* I don’t know. My parents? It’s really hard to find inspiration nowadays. Parents are always there for me and we live vicariously through each other.

6) If you were in an anime, what would your anime be like?

Probably a psychological thriller. 

7) What is your method for studying and memorizing things?

I’m not really good at line memorization. I suck at it. I usually read the line like 10 times and recite it in my head around 50 times before I fall asleep.

8) Can you play any instruments, if so what kind?

I used to play the violin in the 4th grade. I stopped because the band teacher was a bitch.

9) What is your middle name?


10) If you could meet any anime character, who would it be and why?

Goku, I suppose. Spent a lot of my childhood watching the Dragon Ball franchise. I figured it’d be fun to be around him. Never a dull moment.

11) Describe your dream boy or girl?

Do I have to? XD Oh, you know, creative, funny, witty, mentally strong, appearance factors in somewhere. That’s a given to anyone.


Um, my 11 questions…

1. You’re involved in the last TV show, movie, or video game you have seen or played. What is it and what would you do?

2. What is your inspiration?

3. When was the last time you did something completely out of your comfort zone?

4. What is your current obsession?

5. What would you like to do with your life?

6. Have you ever felt like you have talked someone out of suicide, be it literally or figuratively? If so, how did you feel afterwards?

7. Do/Did you have any pets?

8. How are you? How was your day?

9. Any crazy life stories?

10. How do you stay motivated?

11. The end of the world is tomorrow. What do you do?


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thetimenerdparadox asked:

Because every time we touch...eight people die (Muahahahaha)

My brain definitely just filled in the second part of that statement with “I GET THIS FEELING!” and it was a baaaaad moment for me.

Hooray for being uncomfortable with physical contact in normal situations!!!