thethree headed dog


sooo it’s been about a year since I did a follow forever/friday, and there are new blogs that I followed and friends I’ve made in 2013 that needed to be added. I’ve joined a ton of new fandoms while I’ve been on tumblr, even in the past year alone, and I’ve been lucky to find amazing people who share my love of fictional characters and worlds. If you’re on this list then you’re one of my favorite blogs/people and you have incredible talents and personalities that inspire me daily. my friends are bolded (if you’re not bolded we haven’t really talked or haven’t talked in a long time but we should js) and the blogs I stalk on a regular basis are italicized. Thanks for making my dash amazing and I hope you have a great 2014!

A-F:  -hungarianhorntail,  accioron,  animperialafflictionbyfiction,  bewitchthemind,  clarissafrayes,  clarysrunes,  corbieres,  dearsirius  dimtribelikovs,  divergencedaily,  downworldersdaily,   eugenesimons,  fictionminded,  finnicksmellarks,  f-o-r-k-s

G-L:  gabrielandcecy,  ginervas,  girlwithapumpkintattoo,  houseofsibuna,  imteamkstew,  izzyfrays,  jemsdrug,  jacelary,  jpottr,  kstewarts,  likeayacker,  lilyjanescollins,  lupinism

M-R:  mundiee,  nephilimdaily,  nicolasflammel,  piperreed,  ohfrays,  ohlumos,  peddie,  peetaseverdeen,  ronwsley

S-Z:  scamanders,  schleepybear,  sibunas,  simonlewy,  stelena,  stelenabeauty,  stelenagifs,  stewarter,  suspian,  thethree-headed-dog, themazereader,  timeturner, thepurebloodprincesstwilightdreamteam

see my blogroll for all the other amazing blogs I follow