So I took a new job as a photographer for a second hand car sales website; I had to go round and take photos of cars for vendors and then upload them with contact details, prices, mileages etc.
I don’t think the vendor was too happy with the shot I took of their Seat Ibiza GTE 1.8 twin turbo diesel. (It’s still available, any reasonable offer considered, apparently)

Bike vs Camera

A new camera AND a new bike; what better combination for a sunny day? So I took both out and ran the rule over the them; camera took 193 shots; bike did 22 miles. I think the camera edged it. 
And thanks to (particularly) Basile / YWA magazine - for again promoting my photos. An easy target for many who mistake and misunderstand passion and enthusiasm for arrogance and intolerance. 

Rainy Day Blues*

*Other colours may have been included

The journey continues after I snagged my camera strap on the bike handle bars and it slipped from my grasp  and it hit the ground with a crash I knew was terminal. 
After a suitable period of mourning (about 3 hours) i was off out to buy a new one and so begins another chapter as I get to grips with ever more sophisticated hardware and see what stuff I end up producing. The last new camera led to an explosion of new stuff; I wonder what will happen this time?


In the Third Man, Season 2 Episode 14, Caskett investigates the death of a possible serial squatter mixed up in a multi-million dollar heist involving exotic animals and diamonds, Castle tries to hide from Beckett the fact that a newspaper which ranked him as one of the city’s most eligible bachelors also linked them romantically. While Castle relishes the moment, by agreeing to a date with a woman ranked by the newspaper as one of the city’s most eligible bachelorettes, Beckett makes romantic plans of her own, with Lanie’s help.

#9 on New York Ledger’s 2010 Top Ten List of Eligible Bachelor is dating #3 on the Bachelorette list’s while the sexiest NYPD detective is dating Mr July’s sexiest NY firefighter;

“Two dates, one place, three possibilities = Eat, Talk and Solve” because for Caskett, the third man will ALWAYS be Mr Case Solving.


I go away for a few days, with the kids, partner, extended family, and I come back to a raft of reblogs, new followers and a million hearts. That’ll teach me to go somewhere with no internet access…
So I’m sorry not to namecheck more of you, but most notably - Lensblur for reblogging me and my bike from Good Friday, and as always the continued support and insightful analysis of Basile and Yes We Are magazine (which also incidentally lead to an all too brief meeting with another photographer (Steve Riddell) the week before last - that’s two now indirectly as a result of YWAM) - thank you one and all for the love and interest in the stuff I post here.

Anyway, I was out spotting trucks with my boys on the M6 in the north of England this morning, when this one rolled in and parked perfectly for this shot. Sometimes serendipity just strikes.