Upside of Insomnia

Thanks to insomnia and inspiration from thetattooedliar and angliasgreeneyes amazing writings, last night I started writing an Eames pre-Inception fan-fic. It kinda came out of no where; I haven’t written fic since junior high lit class. It won’t be as great as these 2 amazing writers works, but I just felt like writing and I want to share with my Tumblr family. It’s not finished yet, but hope to post it before the weekend.

;-* Mwah

I gave in and joined Tumblr. Now I have people to thank very, very much.

I was inspired by the kindness of bloggers johnblakegpd and thetattooedliar to build my own little hideaway, and here it is. Thank you both for indulging me when you did. Please continue to do so! I wouldn’t be excited about Tumblr without you. There is much I owe you.

Hey Rookie Robin? Thanks for letting me harass you as the Angry!Cop!Anon. Time to play, detective.

Megan (Megan? Please tell me that’s right) thank you for being the first person to ever write something based on my fic prompt. I had never prompted anything prior to that. You make me very, very happy.

Now let’s try and get my creative juices to flow… because I have about as much imagination as Mr. Eames expected of Arthur.