So disappointed and frustrated with the Muslim community right now, sad to hear that Kendyl (thetattooedhijabi) has deleted her youtube, instagram and tumblr accounts affiliated with religion because the judgement she has been receiving from Muslims was too much. Called it out while it was happening but man, I didn’t think the anons would get to her. I don’t know if she’s left Islam but surely it is 100% the fault of this community that has caused her distance from Islam, may Allah give her strength. Why do Muslims make the life of reverts difficult? Seriously, what is there to gain from it? 

Expounding thoughts concerning Islam.

I firmly believe that Allah is requesting my attention. Not demanding, not threatening, but asking. Like the way a parent would “ask” you to come over here for a second. I feel no threat in any of it, or in the presence of Allah. I feel He is guiding me. He isn’t demanding I about-face and become super-pious Sister Islam, but to start learning from the Quran. That it has valuables messages for me, and I should start learning about it.

I have reservations about Islam, namely the near worship of the Prophet. I feel he was wise, and spiritually rich, but still very human. He was prone to sin just like any of us. I have no interest in venerating the Prophet like he was some sort of saint. I believe him to have brought a great service to the world, and for that we should be thankful and honor him with the utmost respect, but it rubs me the wrong way when some include him in prayers right next to the name of Allah.

I appreciate “non-traditional” Muslims, namely thetattooedhijabi because they give Islam a human face. If anything, they are the greatest source of dawah to people like myself.

I honestly wonder if there is a place for a non-traditional, sex positive, bisexual, feminist woman in Islam. I hope so.

Regarding the "Haraam Police"...

A fellow tumblr blogger who I respect a lot, The Tattooed Hijabi, posted a video earlier today about her career in the music industry and addressed some of the hurtful anons she gets on her blog who call her out on “haraam” actions and call her a satanist, among other things. She made excellent points in calling these people out for not understanding the music industry before they judged her and sent in these anonymous messages.

Honestly, some Muslims need to remember how utterly insulted we are when someone insults the Prophet (saw) because of how high a status we place for him in our lives, how we revere him and try to follow his every example. For a lot of Muslims, he has saved their life and his example has brought them back from a life they were not proud of, or back from the edge of dark times for them. His example inspires me every day in everything I do, to be a better Muslim, a better human, a better daughter and wife and sister. And when I see someone online defaming him or calling him a pedophile or a murderer or whatever other uninformed nonsense, it hurts my heart in a real way.

And what do we say when someone insults him? We say, “but you don’t know what you’re talking about!! Do your research!! How dare you talk about our prophet when you don’t even know what you are talking about?? He is the best of men and you clearly haven’t done your research!”

We get just as upset as Kendyl does when you guys are calling her, and the whole music industry, haraam, but somehow she isn’t justified in being hurt by these words, and it’s okay for the rest of us??

(Not to mention she deals with these judgements much more eloquently than some of us respond when someone insults the Prophet (saw), and we just start insulting the person who said those horrible things…like what? Are we following the Prophet’s (saw) example or not? Why are we insulting them back?? Anyway, I digress.)

In those instances when people insult the Prophet (saw), we understand the Prophet (saw) and they do not. Those people hating on him are uninformed and don’t understand the history of the Sahaba or the Quranic revelation and so it offends us that they would speak so hurtfully about something they don’t know about.

Hello, people, when you message a revert who works in the music industry, calling her a Satanist, you are doing the same damn thing. You don’t know what you are talking about. You sound just as ignorant as those people insulting our beloved Prophet because they haven’t experienced him in their lives or haven’t done their research about what he actually did in his time in this dunya. We really need to check ourselves before giving random, anonymous naseeha on the internet. If you don’t understand something, don’t just assume it is haraam. Don’t judge other people. If you think it is haraam, please, don’t participate. There is no need to tear somebody else down just because you don’t understand something. Honestly, it is as simple as that.