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So, how much do all of you like Agent Washingtub?

Epsilon: Are you Caboose now, Skibble? God forbid. Anyway, he’s not as good as I first thought, but that’s kinda my fault. Not as bad as I second thought. Anymore.

Sigma: He ruined everything I worked for. But I do respect him. Albeit grudgingly.

Delta: He’s changed. While he is now better at what he does, I do miss the friend he was.

Theta: I like him, even if he is more sad now.

Gamma: Shisno.

Epsilon: That’s your answer every time you’re asked about a human.

Gamma: They’re all shisnos.

Omega: Good fighter, total asshole.

Eta: We like him.

Iota: We don’t know him very well though.

anonymous asked:

Personally, I have a sickening feeling that Carolina is going to see Sigma when she enters the gate. She's been dreaming about him according to Theta. She had that whole speech to Wash "Sigma, was /mine/..." and the fact that Elijah Wood recently tweeted about AI Artificial Intelligence.

I bet after this season, one way or another, she’s going to stop having those nightmares.

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“I have a blind date soon and I’m a vampire please check to see if my appearance is okay? Oh wait you’re my blind date? Well shit.” for Theta/Donna? Thank you!!

In The Eye of the Beholder 

“Shite,” Theta rushes down the stairs, nearly tripping once or twice. First date in maybe a century and he’s late, and without any way to check how he looks. He wishes he could take a look in one of the many stores he passes. He can see the hyacinths he bought no problem! When the walk sign turns he’s forced to stop. 

He looks down at himself and fidgets with his blue pinstripe suit. Is the maroon under it fine? Should he have gone for black instead? He goes up to a store window to fluff his hair, as if he’ll eventually be able to see himself if he just looks hard enough. 


Theta startles, finding a woman next to him all of a sudden. He fretfully looks at his lack of reflection, and at the red haired woman. “I-I-I’m on my way to a blind date and-”

“Can’t check your reflection,” she nods. “That would drive me nuts–I’m Donna.”

“H-Hi Donna,” he swallows thickly. “D-Do I look okay?” 

“Mm,” Donna reaches over and moves some hair around for him. “So, why can’t you see your reflection? Are you a vampire, ghost, genie?”

“Vampire,” Theta murmurs quietly. “It’s, uh, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been on a date.” 

“I can imagine,” Donna snorts as she gives his lapels a good tug. “You been rotting away in a coffin somewhere–you’re nothin’ but skin and bones.”

“I was always like this, vampire or not, actually,” Theta murmurs. “So, what are you?”

“Just human, but I’ve met vampires before,” Donna shrugs and looks at him in the store window again (well, pretends to, anyway). “So, what’s your name?” 

“Oh, have I not said? I’m sorry,” Theta laughs bashfully. “I’m Theta Sigma, from the Grecian clans.” 

“Theta?” Donna looks at him, making her lovely hair catch in the breeze. “I’m Donna Noble–Martha’s friend.”

“Oh, Donna, of course!” Theta ruffles the hair Donna just fixed. “Yes, I’m so sorry!” 

“Nice to meet you, Spacecase,” she smirks at him. “At least you’re early.”

“I, um, hope you like hyacinths,” he holds out the five flower bouquet straight from his garden. 

“Thank you,” Donna accepts the bouquet with a sweet smile. “Do you want to get some lunch? We can sit away from the windows.”

Theta holds out his hand and grins when Donna slips her fingers between his. 


Hey! I’m Sydnee aka chokoladst! Im from outside of Philly and have lived in PA for 21 years. I went to school down south (NCCU08) so part of my roots are there as well. 4614 I crossed the burning sands becoming a Proud member and Diva of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorportated! I am the #tre of my line (7 total). DKA Unbreakable. Excited that I Am now joining some great individuals of the divineninelover page as an admin! I look forward to being able to help my fellow D9 members answer questions, provide advice, and collaborate on any and everything!

Thanks yall! :)


When you’re old and wise and someone asks you about your life, and about the “coolest” thing you’ve ever done, the most fun you’ve ever experienced, etc. You’re not going to talk about the job you had right out of college or the work you did when you were 40. You’re going to talk about the time you went Deep Sea Fishing, how often you went to the Range to shoot Rifles, playing Rugby for Texas A&M at Nationals in California, snowboarding a double black diamond Bowl in Breckenridge, Placing in your first Triathlon, all of the times you crashed your dirt bike, taking your pledges in Theta Tau Canoeing, the A you got in your archery class for reaching some score in 10 rounds, hiking in the mountains with your family, and Donating 3000 cans of food to a good bank with a Canned Food Drive Contest you created. YOURE GOING TO TALK ABOUT YOUR LIFE. SO FOCUS ON YOUR LIFE NOW. Don’t wait until you’re at the “right” point in your career to experience all Life has to give you. Experience all life has to give you now. Because by the time you’re at the “right” point in your job, it may be too late. Live for Now.

Candidates for true warrior
  • Tucker
  • Caboose
  • Emily
  • Carolina
  • Sharkface
  • North’s dead body
  • Andy
  • Vic’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson, Vic Jr.
  • Junior
  • Sheila
  • Kaikaina
  • that one soldier in season 12 that got sworded by the snowmen
  • theta
  • prepubescent basketball champion Kerry Shawcross
  • captain flowers
  • the smosh cameo soldiers