90s & 2000s Cartoon Characters Reimagined as Divine 9 Greeks.

Sticky from The Proud Family

Carver from The Weekenders

Huey & Riley Freeman from The Boondocks

Dijonay from The Proud Family

Penny Proud from The Proud Family

Kesha from Magic School Bus

Skeeter from Doug

Susie Carmichael from The Rugrats

Arnold from Hey Arnold!

Virgil Hawkins from Static Shock

Gerald from Hey Arnold!

Monique from Kim Possible

Numba 5 from Kids Next Door

Artist: Ashleigh Sharmaine 


“Caboose? You doing alright?”


“Right…Of course not. Well, there’s someone I want you to meet. Church…Church sent him.”


“Hello! My name’s Theta! You’re Caboose, right? Epsilon told me all about you! I’ve really been looking forward to meeting you!”

“…Hello, tiny Church.”

“Epsilon said you had a dog! Can I meet him?”

“…Freckles would love to meet a tiny friend!”