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Red vs Blue Fluff week @rvbficwars

Characters: Caboose, Theta AI, Agent Washington

Pairings: none

Warnings: brief mention of canonical character death (North)

Prompt from @freelancercarolina

“Hey, Caboose?”

“Hello Washington!” Caboose responded at a much louder volume than necessary, but Wash was used to that by now.

“Can you take care of something for me?” He asked.

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anonymous asked:

Theta really likes to look at the stars- like a whole lot. He adores it. He also provides the best conversation of all the AI. Theta's word is law. If he tells a Freelancer that they need to go to bed and get rest there isn't a single Freelancer on the MoI who can refuse him. There is a running theory that Theta is the real boss of pfl.

omfg thats Perfect?

tbh thats also 100% the case w the epsilon ais in chorus era? who can refuse theta. epsilon apparently bc he didnt give him a dog smh but no one else. theta is Too Powerful

There are over 7 billion brains transmitting and receiving information on this beautiful planet, imagine if we shared the same flow state of love what a different world this would be.

Why You Should Be Reading The Diviners Series
  • Fantasy set in 1920′s Manhattan
  • 20′s culture and aesthetic without ignoring the bad parts of the twenties
  • Addresses anti-immigrant sentiments, racism, ableism, and the second book talks about homophobia and anti-semitism
  • The main character likes feminine things and isn’t shamed for it
  • Diverse cast of characters- Memphis is Black, Sam and Rotke are Jewish, Mabel is half Jewish, Ling and Wai-Mae in the second book are Chinese.
  • Canon gay characters Henry and Louis
  • Introduces magic into the 20s seamlessly
  • Spooky vibes which are awesome
  • There is also some science fiction type things and some mystery
  • Romance subplot where all the romances are equally compelling
  • Every character has their own rich story
  • Great characters you will love very much
  • Amazing writing
  • Jericho Jones
  • 20′s slang
Who you should fight: RVB AI edition

Alpha: What the hell is wrong with you? Alpha has been through enough—being tortured by the Director,  all the shit he went through with the Blues, which includes but is not limited to time travel and dying a fuckton of times. Let him rest. Do not fight Alpha.

Beta: Holy shit man I mean if you think you can survive. Did you see what she did to the Reds?? And literally anyone and everyone who has crossed her??? Girl’s a fuckin badass who could fuck you up if you even tried it. Do not fight Beta.

Delta: Look I know we all love Delta but c’mon. You know you wanna. Go for it. Punch the nerd. Steal his lunch money. Fight Delta.

Epsilon: Epsilon has been through enough my pal. He’s tired and upset and lonely and holy shit leave him alone??? Let him rest?? Do not fight Epsilon.

Eta: Why would you. Want to fight Eta. Eta is Alpha’s joy. Why would you do this. Do not fight Eta.

Iota: Why??? Iota is Alpha’s fear why would you???? Do this????? Do not fight Iota.

Gamma: Honestly like, go for it. I mean, he assisted in torturing Alpha. His knock-knock jokes are awful. Still; go easy on him. He lost Wyoming. Fight Gamma.


Theta: Okay first of all why would you want to fight this cinnamon roll. Look deep into yourself to see if you can find the answer. You can’t, can you? That’s right bc Theta is a sweet child. Even after he killed a bunch of people in a murderdome he looked to North for approval okay leave the purple child alone. Do not fight Theta.

Omega: Oh yea man. Fight this guy. He’s dramatic and kinda scary but he’s actually a huge nerd. Punch him. Fight Omega.

Some friendly reminders that...
  1. Agent York and Agent North were best friends
  2. Delta was York’s AI and Theta was Agent North’s
  3. Delta and Theta considered each other brothers
  4. Agent South was the one that directly caused the death of her brother, who was York’s best friend
  5. The death of her brother that she caused also caused Theta being assimilated into the Meta
  6. So South caused the death of Delta’s partner’s best friend and the ‘death’ of his own little brother, and lastly…
  7. Delta was the one that recommended killing Agent South