Awesome Moments of 2011 | Meeting Bradley James (29th May)


On May 29th 2011, Me and my friends, Maegan and Amy, went to The Big Match, a charity football match in Stoke which Bradley was playing in.

We managed to get seats right at the front. When we were waiting for the match to start I was talking to my friends and I was facing towards were the teams come out and suddenly Bradley James just walks out and looks around. I was so shocked, I just sat there staring at him. Then as he turned to walk back my brain began working and I started shouting at my friends ‘OMG! It’s him! Look! Look! It’s Bradley!’ They turned around but it was too late he’d already gone inside. I kinda freaked out but I got it all out of my system so later when we saw him again I was much calmer.

When the players came out to warm up before the match, Ralf Little was talking to the crowd with some guy and he shouted Bradley over, I can’t remember what was said but afterwards Bradley walked down the pitch and when he walked past us we shouted him and he saw our sign that we had made, he did a bit of a double take then pointed at us and smiled, then gave us a thumbs up. He then went to warm up some more and chat to some other players.

But then something amazing happened, after a few minutes of warming up he started the walk towards the crowd, we got really excited thinking we’d be able to shout him over for a picture but then he pointed right at us and said 'are you the girls with the banner?’ well we freaked out saying 'YES! YES!’ and we picked it up to show him. He asked our names and shook our hands. I looked right into his eyes, they were so blue! and he was so gorgeous up close! (It’s had to imagine how anyone can actually be prettier in person until it actually happens) I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to speak but luckily I said my name normally, a bit quiet but he heard me and it wasn’t squeaky. Maegan went to take a pic of him but he took the camera off her and told us to all get in, he took the picture of us with him (he actually took two, we didnt realise till afterwards) but he cut Amy out.

Then all the players went inside to get ready for the match. Them they all walked out like they do at football matches, with some children from the hospital that the charity was for. The crowd all stood up to cheer them and when Bradley walked past we held the sign up and he waved at us.

The match then began but Bradey didn’t play in the first half so me and Maegan were pretty bored, Amy got into it but we were just drawing on Maegans shoes haha. Then it was halftime, we called Bradley over when he walked past us but he said he would be a minute and went inside.

When he came back out, he came straight to us and I asked is we could get another picture because Amy was cut out of the other one and he said ‘Yeah sure, who can we get to take this?’ and took the camera off Maegan again and asked the bloke next to me to take the picture. This picture turned out much better then the others. He then signed for us. I handed him the sign we made and said something along the lines of 'we made this for you’ and he said 'oh really’, to which I replied 'Yeah!’ then he said 'thank you! I’ll put it in the dug out’ and he smiled at me as he took it :D Maegan then asked him for a hug to which he said 'yeah sure’ (that kinda surprised me really, I though he would get a bit freaked out by to a teenage girl throwing her arms out and saying 'Can I have a hug?’) so I saw an opportunity, I almost just leaped on him, seriously my arms went out and lent forward, but I realised what I was doing and asked him if I could have a hug too. He said yes and hugged me, it was so nice! My chin was resting on his shoulder, I didnt want to let go but I felt him pull away so I let go haha I’m such a creep. He then moved down the line to sign and take pictures with other people.

Bradley played during the second half and he really got into it. I dont watch football so I had no idea what was going on but that didnt matter because I got to sit and watch Bradley all day :D

We saw him again a few times as he walked past us and at the end of the match. We tried to say bye to him but he was to busy signing for other people, which is completely fair as we had spoken to him twice already, so we decided to leave as my mum kept phoning me telling me she was outside ready to pick us up.

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