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River wasn’t sure if the was alien drinks she had when she and the Doctor went out on their date the previous night or not, but she knew the TARDIS had been parked in the middle of her London flat. She rubbed her hand over her pounding forehead as she looked at the blonde woman who was standing there instead. The TARDIS being gone didn’t surprise her; her husband often left while she slept. But someone getting in without her knowing, now that was a surprise.

“Excuse me but who are you?”

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“Ta, name’s Rose,” the blonde girl grinned, giving a slight wave. “Don’t s’pose you can tell me where I am, can ya? I’ve gotten a bit lost, an’ I can’t find my friend. Hope I’ve not interrupted anythin’ important!” Here her grin was sheepish — Rose had a knack of making herself a nuisance when she didn’t mean to, so she’d taken to apologizing to strangers in advance. She didn’t know, however, how familiar this woman would turn out to be.


Rora walked through wherever she was. She wasn’t sure of when or where she had ended up yet, but she was hoping she would find the Doctor anytime soon. Instead of asking the date and place, like she ussually did, she decided to ask for the Doctor instead, ans so she did ask the first stranger she saw.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for a man, tall, funny, wears bowties…?” she asked curiously looking at the stranger, now narrowing her eyes at her confused. “I’m sorry, have we met before?”