thetalkinghead  asked:

Top 5 places you'd like to visit in US and World?

I’ll stick with the US, as I just replied to a similar one. 

1. New York, again. I loved it, and didn’t get to see (or eat) as much as I had planned. 

2. Vegas baby! I just want one debaucherous, wicked weekend out there, with a few of my favourite girls. We would kill it!

3. Oregon. Portland looks fascinating. But I could also make a side trip to Eugene to see one of my favourite people on planet Earth. Hey Jules, hey! <3

4. Cali. Top to bottom, left to right. All of it!

5. Ugh, 5 isn’t enough. Others include Kentucky, Nashville, Miami, Chicago, Connecticut and wherever my favourite Tumblrs are at, hollaa!

Right, that’s the last one folks. Thank you so much for indulging this little bored crumpet eating woofter. You guys have really made my night. I’m sorry for the dash spam :-/