It's about to be an APO post

I was going through the Alpha Phi Omega tags on tumblr, and I decided to get in on the action, so if you see this and are a brother, follow or message me please, I’d love to get to know you!

My chapter: Theta Kappa, Binghamton University

Pledge Class: Tau (spring 2009)

Pledge Name: Nixon (and people now call me president Nixon…which is pretty freaking sweet)

Eboard positions held: Fellowship VP, treasurer, and currently, President

This semester has been such a great one in terms of APO.  We just crossed our Omega pledge class on Sunday, bringing our actives to 38.  I finally got a little, and she’s amazing.  We have 11 associates as well.  Our brotherhood has done over 1200 hours of service this semester, which included our 3rd annual Miles for Matias walk, where we raised over 2500 dollars for pediatric MS.  We’ve also helped with flood relief in the Binghamton area, volunteered at a children’s museum and a haunted zoo halloween program, and a bunch of other service events.  We attended sectionals in Syracuse a few weeks ago (shout out to any Phi brothers if you see this =D).  I have an absolutely phenomenal eboard this semester, which makes my life a lot easier.  I love all of my brothers like crazy, and it’s been great getting to know them all better this semester.  If any of you read this: know that you are a member of my college family, and my life would probably suck without you in it!


The Theta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi lost one of her own on Sunday, February 19th, 2012. Emily peaceful entered heaven after battling Leukemia. This women is my best friend and sister. OBIC has never had more meaning than right now. <> “We Live for Each Other”

Last Saturday.

So April 5th was Theta Kappa’s Initiation and I decided to participate and see some old faces.

I had the honor of spending time with the now new sisters before the big show and I love them!! Congrats ladies!

So here’s what happened.

They had a senior commitment ceremony. I’m normally not emotional but I completely lost it during the ceremony. 

When I was VPM, it was the best position I held for me because I got to spread my love for this organization with the world. I had 4 MITs but I had a huge attachment with one of them. When I graduated, she performed my senior commitment so being there for her’s was extremely emotional. She was the only MIT that I got to see her go through. I hugged her so hard and told her

“You make me so proud to call you my sister”.

I’m just so happy that I was able to make someone love SAI as much as I do and I can’t wait to affiliate with her for New York Alumnae. Yes, I am waiting for her so we can do it with another sister. 

I’ve been out of college for 3 years now but every single time I go back, it’s like I never left. Thank you sisters.

My thoughts are with the sisters of the Phi Omiron and Theta Kappa chapters of Delta Delta Delta.

Each chapter has lost a sister within the last few weeks.

Know that you’re in the thoughts of every sister around the world.

Rest in peace sisters Maggie May and  Allison Owens.

Delta Love and all of mine from the Phi Xi chapter at Wichita State University.