theta zeta chapter



My name is Jenna and my little’s name is Karyssa. We are from the ZTA • Theta Omega Chapter • Cal Poly Pomona… and this is our story!
  • We were neighbors, but we didn’t know it.
  • I cried during reveal, she had no idea it was me!
  • She was my rush crush before she even knew who I was.
  • We do everything together. 
  • I bring her to class sometimes and pick her up at 8am just so we can drive together… I don’t have class till 10.
  • We go line dancing every Wednesday and share a deep love for country music.
  • She laughs at all my jokes, even the lame ones… when they are actually funny she snorts!
  • Once during chapter meeting, we looked at each other and at the same time said “lets ditch & go to Target.”
  • I knew she was my little when she ran into a pole walking out of the first chapter meeting.
  • We often pretend to be in the movie Shrek… I’m Shrek, she’s donkey.
  • Everyone hates us because overload snap chat, instagram & twitter.
These are just a few things about us… I think the bond her and I share is so incredibly special and unique, I just want to share it with the world! Also, I want her to know how amazing she is and how dearly I value our relationship. I hope that when she gets a little in the next few weeks, she finds her little angel too. I Love You Little! xoxo :) submitted by: Jenna N.