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the doctor's ever changing opinion of gallifrey/timelords
  • one: fuck dese guys I'm out
  • two: wow my life's great now, can't believe I spent 200 years on that god forsaken orange rock, without jamie too!!
  • three: you know what idc that u pompous arseholes banished me to earth, I got da brig with me and let me tell you something they don't have moustache's like that on gallifrey
  • four: first u accuse me of treason and now you want me for president,oh my daze you guys are such nerds, jelly baby?
  • five: wtf omega!?!
  • six: you killed peri! then fragmented her in to 5 different versions of herself, you guys are fucked up, stay away from my humans!
  • seven: shit man... me, the master and the rani, used to be so cool back at the academy, like the ultimate squad y'know, now we all so damn fucked up, that's what gallifrey does to innocent childrens
  • eight: take the master's jiggly sperm back to gallifey they said, it'll be fine they said
  • war: haha GALLIFREY STANDS bitches, totally keeping this jacket as a memento
  • nine: well I'm just going to have to cover up my severe psd with immense sass, any way it's not all bad at least I have rose she's great, although somehow she reminds me of the time war and why am I still wearing the jacket that I wore when my planet burned?!?
  • ten: well the thing is martha its like every story about a kid who wants to get out of their small town but then ends up missing it, except the kid is 900 years old, the small town is an entire planet and the kid ends up committing the genocide of his own species
  • eleven: yay!! my people are back they are actually alive and I can go home, this is the best thing ever!! two tics clara I need stand on a cloud with me, myself and I and stare at this beautiful planet full of my problematic faves
  • twelve: the bae is dead and its probably your fault!! my hybrid valeyard arse has smashed on some glass for two billion years to get here and get my revenge, I told you to stay away from my humans!! and clara and peri both have scattered lives, way to rub it in. jeeze I can't believe I was so thirsty for you two hearted cunts to come back
[ Gallifreyan Biology Reference ]

Gallifreyan’s have Triple Helix DNA as well as TNA. The extra third strand was added by Rassilon to make regeneration possible. Regeneration was created to extend the already amazing Gallifreyan lifespan. Their bodies are filled with self-replicating biogenic molecules (sometimes known as the Immortality Virus) that work ceaselessly to repair and prune damaged and malformed cells. Because of this, it takes hundreds of years for a Gallifreyan to show signs of aging. After healing, the regeneration proceeds and the subjects’ body (and to a lesser degree, the mind) will be completely restructured.

Within the first 15 hours of regeneration, a Gallifreyan will still have enough residual cellular energy to regrow a severed body part, such as a hand.

The biogenic molecules are aided by the temporal platelets which cluster around any wound, accelerating time in that area to speed the healing. A broken leg can heal in anywhere from a few hours to 4 days depending of the severity of the break. These rates of healing can be enhanced if the Gallifreyan is kept near (or inside) a TARDIS.

Despite looking like humans from Sol III, Gallifreyan’s have got multiple organs of virtually everything including two more ribs (than humans). They have 2 of most of the organs that humans have only one of, and four of the organs that humans have only two of. Aside from the extra ribs, a Gallifreyan’s skeleton is almost identical to that of a human being.

Gallifreyan’s have more than one stomach and are not as vulnerable to malnutrition as humans are. Some (if not all) believe that only one meal a day is perfectly normal. They can easily go two days without water and a week without food is not a major strain - in fact, they sometimes sit in thought for days without food or water. However, 40 days without food or water will make a Gallifreyan delirious.

Arsenic is toxic to Gallifreyan’s and will inhibit their enzymes. If a large source of protein, salt, and other chemicals (found in ginger beer) are available, a Gallifreyan who has been poisoned with arsenic can use a major shock or surprise to trigger detox. This detoxification allows their stomach to stimulate inhibited enzymes to reverse and release all toxins as gas that can be exhaled. Aspirin is incredibly toxic to them, as well.

Their skin smells like honey and has extra subdural and subcutaneous layer. This makes their skin very resistant to radiation, physical damage, poison ivy, sunburns and tanning. Gallifreyan’s can resist radiation that will kill a human in 4 minutes for 2-12 minutes before they start to take noticeable damage. Incarnations which appear to be physically younger are significantly more resistant to radiation then older bodies. They also have incredible strength for their size.

They can enter a self-induced sleep trance in which breathing, heart beat, and brain activity are all reduced to an absolute minimum. While in this trance a Time Lord can ponder complex ideas without any outside distractions. 20 minutes in this state is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep for a human. Thus, they only need about 1-6 hours of sleep every 2 days.


AHHHH you guys I am like… SODAMNCLOSE to finishing this manuscript. I’m there, I’m right there, and I just… LOVE MY CHARACTERS. Bros helping other bros who got depressed and he’s just I’m here for you my bro if that’s okay.


And I just want to cuddle them.

“You’re not alone anymore,” said Will. “If— if that’s acceptable to you. If you would want my help.”

Oscar pressed his lips together, then nodded. His voice broke when he softly said, “I would.”

“Then… may I ask for your help today?” He offered the ring box. “Stand up with me?”

He looked at the box, then at Will, and slowly a grin rucked up one corner of his mouth, the way he used to when they were lads, right before he would say something utterly cheeky. Will was not disappointed.

“Not even down on one knee, Bertie? What kind of proposal is that?”

“And ruin my trousers?” he countered, gesturing to his spotless red-on-navy pinstripes.

“Ah, fair point.”

Fic: Enemies to Lovers, Ch 2

Find on: ao3
Pairing: Ten x Rose
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1.3k (chapter); 21.5k (total)
Summary: The Doctor and Rose end up in another parallel universe shortly after their visit to Pete’s World, finding that they’ve left the events between them on the SS Madame de Pompadour unresolved. They meet parallel versions of themselves who are also in the middle of a row. The Doctor and Rose help sort out the parallel couple’s argument, but they didn’t count on receiving help in return.
Tags: angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, shagging but nothing explicit, Post GitF, Post Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel
Notes: This was prompted by a submission to @timepetalsprompts​: The Doctor and Rose land in this parallel universe where they’re sworn enemies. (bonus if the original rose/doctor help the others put their differences aside and get together)

I had originally envisioned this in 7 chapters, but I’ve decided to break it down into more bite-sized chunks.


Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ….

When the Doctor woke, he had a splitting headache, and he was laying supine on the sand.

All he’d been doing was strolling down the beach, thinking about Rose. Next thing he knew, his world went black.

He rubbed the side of his head and sat up, sand slipping down the back of his shirt. “Bloody sand.” He brushed himself off and made to stand. “I hate sand. It just gets everywhere.” He froze when he heard the unsheathing of a sword.


The next thing he knew, the sword was pointed at his throat. He looked down the long blade, and then up at its owner…Rose.

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Torvic's Story
Big Finish-Doctor Who
Torvic's Story

Official : Story About the Doctors Child hood bully Torvic.

Seventh Doctor: “And so the stranger spoke. He told him of two young boys growing up together in a land far, far away from Perfushion  Their world was one of rules. A stuffy class ridden society and as Jackie and Shafer striven to escape their social chains so they strove to shatter their own.”

“They would run away from their classes, run free through fields and forest. Often as they tired of running they’d sit by the river and stare up at the stars. They would talk about how one day they would be truly free and how they would wander the stars and see the universe.  (Sounds of two muttering children and laughter)   They were united in their yearnings to escape and be free. They were however also united in their suffering at the hands of another. Another boy would torment and bully them. For he saw them as simply ants.”

“ One day the ants revolted. They have been playing on the banks of the River Lethe when Torvic, for that was the bully’s name  appeared (Mean childish laughter)  He wasn’t evil. He was just another naughty young child trying the break the rules. He found the two boys sat by the river. Then one he jumped and pulled one of them down to the water and grabbed his head and pushed it into the flowing stream.  (Mean laughter continues now with sound of struggling and splashing)   The child struggled vainly as the water went up his nose and down his throat. Torvic wasn’t going to drown him, he was merely doing what bullies do. Seeking control.”

Man: “But … but what about the other boy? what did he do?”

Seventh Doctor: “ This is where it all began. Usually when Torvic tormented one of them, the other would sit and wait.. Helpless, (Sound of crying)  but this time something awoke in the other child. (angry screaming) Blind fury and anger, sick with anger. He charged at Torvic. Stopping only to pick up a large stone. ( A cracking sound and splash) Torvic never stood a chance. The murder pulled his friend from the water and they stood there is silence Watched as the blood flowed from Torvic’s shattered skull, Watched as the blood flowed into the stream. Watched unable to comprehend what one of them had done. The other boy , being of a sounder mind realized immediately what punishment they would face.”

Man: “But…but they had only been trying to protect themselves.”

Seventh Doctor “One of them had taken a life. They knew that if they were caught, they would never realize their hopes for freedom. They would never see the universe.”

Man: “What did they do?”

Seventh Doctor: “ They pulled Torvic’s body from the river.  (splashing sound)  They pulled him onto the dry land. They covered his body with branches from the trees and then together as one they set the funeral pyre a light ,and together holding hands they watched as his body burned. (sound of fire) They watched as Torvic’s skin bubbled and burned and became smoke. They watched as they send him back to nature.”

Man: “And they were never caught?”

Seventh Doctor : “They were never caught.”