160831 Hit The Stage EP.6 - Ten ‘Uniform’ 

The signs as NCT Quotes.

Aries: We’re the uh.. foreign swaggers

Taurus: I’m a mountain type of man

Gemini: I lived in America for 4 years

Cancer: TY Track, TY Track.

Leo: I wanna have xxx with you fatass

Virgo: Johnny’s gonna freestyle

Libra: I’m cute and all of you are ugly

Scorpio: Johnny’s fashion evaluation

Sagittarius: Where’s my hair

Capricorn: Don’t… the cameras are rolling

Aquarius: No one, wants to be a square.

Pisces: Ten told me he washed his hands.. but he was lying


I built my theories based on @andthenkpophappened‘s theories (x) and @jenosgf‘s theories (x) !! I suggest reading their theories first before mine

My theories are also ultimately built on the idea that everything is just a dream, so I’ve gathered some stuff as well as analyzed things through a dream interpretation point of view. I honestly tried answering some questions but really, I made some more lol rip…

1: SM_NCT # 1. The Origin

  • The first thing we see is an hour glass, but instead of two bulbs like usual, there are three. This could hint towards the notion already addressed that this story does not follow Earth time.
  • The very next peculiar thing we see is a red moon/a blood moon. In dreams, blood moons usually mean, or are associated with fear of the future; of the unknown. (Perhaps fear of what could happen once they realize that everything is just a dream?)
  • The little boy plants a red flag. Red flags are usually warnings signs about danger or a problem. It could also be a symbol of a revolution. 
  • After the little boy draws on a piece of paper with charcoal, three mountains, a moon, and an ocean, we see glimpses of him standing in what looks to be a field of tall grass. Dreaming of tall grass is a warning to the dreamer to not become entangled in unreal ideas, and bring order to thoughts and behavioural patterns (just like jumping from one dream to another). It can also mean illusions and unattainable hopes. 
  • A woman appears behind him, in my opinion, could be his mother. 
  • She extends her hand and makes him choose between three colours, 

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