Hunger Games AU || Closed

Cort hated these games, he knew it was a matter of time till his name would be picked out of that bowl. District five wasn’t the best living conditions and he needed the money. And so it happened, for the 72 Hunger Games, his name was drawn.

That morning was the beginning of training, and cort had the whole thing mapped out in his head. He would try his hand at new things, brush up on old skills, but never show how good he was with a bow. He had started this plan right up until he saw the boy with the golden hair.

Angel With A Shotgun || Closed RP

Tugging the hood up over her head, Evey shoved her hands in the pockets of her jeans as she trudged down the street. One day she’d invest in an umbrella, she told herself- and then she wondered just how many times she’d actually told herself that. Then she heard his voice and she froze on the spot and she felt herself begin to shake. He hadn’t seen her, she repeated over and over to herself as she continued on down the street. Please, God, say that he hadn’t seen her.


She should have listened to Sean, Beth mused as she stumbled back into her cousin’s arms, the force of the darklighter arrow sending her back. She should have listened to him, and not gone on this stupid hunt. What was supposed to be one lower-level demon had turned into a nearly three day hunt that was presumably going to end now. With an arrow an her side, slowly administering poison to her body.

Sean was never going to let her go on a hunt again, Beth groaned at the thought as she felt Kat orb them to safety-the attic.  Vaguely, she heard Kat dart across the floor, yelling for the rest of the Halliwell Line, particularly for one that could heal, but Beth wasn’t focused on that. 

Instead, she reached for her phone, hissing as the movement pulled on her wound, and quickly pressed the icon of Sean’s smiling face, and put it up against her ear.

“…Hi babe.” She muttered, trying to pass her voice off as tired, not like there was poison spreading through her bloodstream. 

Rekindled Romance AU // thesupernaturals

Autumn kissed her daughters forehead before she ran over to the swings. Her curls bounced as she ran, making her mother smile. For four years, she had been a single mother. She had a whirlwind romance with a boy she had met over the summer. A romance like the ones in the movies. One night changed everything and now, she had Marin. After about 30 minutes, Marin ran over with her usual grin. “Mommy! Mommy! I made a friend!” The blonde looked up from her book to see a familiar face. “Oh, He…Hi there.” Autumn whispered, her expression shocked.

text; bf/gf/bff/???
  • Xyla: im so upset rn
  • Xyla: i just wanted some coffee. is that to much to ask? a cup of coffee?
  • Xyla: no one does anything for me anymore its ridiculous
  • Xyla: on a completely unrelated note do you want to stop at starbucks for me. ill even go with u if you want bc im so nice