Hunger Games AU || Closed

Cort hated these games, he knew it was a matter of time till his name would be picked out of that bowl. District five wasn’t the best living conditions and he needed the money. And so it happened, for the 72 Hunger Games, his name was drawn.

That morning was the beginning of training, and cort had the whole thing mapped out in his head. He would try his hand at new things, brush up on old skills, but never show how good he was with a bow. He had started this plan right up until he saw the boy with the golden hair.

Angel With A Shotgun || Closed RP

Tugging the hood up over her head, Evey shoved her hands in the pockets of her jeans as she trudged down the street. One day she’d invest in an umbrella, she told herself- and then she wondered just how many times she’d actually told herself that. Then she heard his voice and she froze on the spot and she felt herself begin to shake. He hadn’t seen her, she repeated over and over to herself as she continued on down the street. Please, God, say that he hadn’t seen her.

7 things I hate about you//Carter&Cade//Closed


It was late, too late for anything good to happen, it was certainly too late for Carter to be knocking on Cade’s front door. After a long night of restlessness and an inexhaustible anger that was building up inside of her, Carter finally let her rage get the best of her. The brunette stormed out of her perfect house and made her way over to her “friend’s” house, the exact place where her life as she knew it began to crumble. Her small fist pounded on the door, waiting impatiently for the male to answer.


Eluned woke up in a strange bed, a bed that definitely wasn’t hers. Everything around her was hazy and different and strange. She woke with a jolt, immediately standing up and going into defense-mode.

Had she died? Was she kidnapped? Was this some sort of Saw trap or Escape game?

Whatever it was, Eluned didn’t know and wasn’t sure she was too keen on finding out. She noticed a door, in the corner of the room. Locked. Of course it was fucking locked, because her life was never going to be fair and it was never going to be easy.

The druid rammed her shoulder against the wooden door a few times, hoping in vain it would give.

“Hello?” she shouted, multiple times, hoping should she be hoping? someone would come to let her out. “Hello is anyone there?”

It came on like a freight train, hitting her full force without even giving her time to get to the bathroom. “No, shit no,” She whimpered from her place in her bed, curled up in the fetal position face down on the bed, her arms wrapped tightly around her abdomen. She hadn’t had a panic attack for years, she stopped taking her medication on a daily basis because she didn’t need it anymore, but she was glad now that she still had a few of those tiny pills for times like these. She still got it refilled regularly because she didn’t know if Lorazepam expired or not, and she didn’t want to take the chance. Not in case this might happen again one day. “Preston,” She whimpered out, hoping that even in his sleep, he would be able to hear her pleas. She needed him to get those stupid pills, there was no way she’d be able to get them herself.