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For Good || thesuns-flower

How swiftly the years can roll by, and yet how slowly, too. Much can change over the course of ten years. 

Take for example, a young woman named Millicent. In just once decade, she was able to transform herself from a sad, pitiful freak to a powerful sorceress and ruler. It wasn’t long before she had gained a reputation in the surrounding kingdoms for her magic, as well as for her malevolence. In fact, it was this malevolence that earned her her new name.

Maleficent reveled in the fear she struck upon others. While once she had been looked down upon as a ‘monster,’ now she commanded respect. None dared to cross her, save for a foolish few. And she was not kind to those that did. Like the king and queen that dared to snub her, while inviting lesser fairies to their daughter’s christening. But something about the child unsettled Maleficent… the perfect golden hair, her beauty, they sickening way the child had the love of dozens–perhaps hundreds–without even trying… it reminded her of someone.

Perhaps a trip to Corona wasn’t the wisest action the horned woman had ever taken, but somehow her curiosity simply would not leave her be. A simple glamour spell would keep her from being spotted, however, so she felt safe enough as she approached the tall, shining castle. 

I wonder if she’s changed much…

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"Ah,ah. You're staying home. In bed. Like we agreed." Rapunzel gently pushed Hans back onto the bed,tucking him back in. "You can't go to work today."

“I feel fine though…” Hans protested. Yet even now he was coughing and sniffling again, and while his fever had gone down his face was fairly red.

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⚓ {/casually leaves it there yeah}

Send me “⚓” and I’ll generate a random number to see how our muses will take a bath/shower together

…... 8. A steam shower.

Aster settled down against the back of the cabin, steam already having covered most of his view, the fur of his back already wet with it. Letting out a content sigh, he let his eyes slide shut. The pooka loved warmth, heat even. It made for a little bit of relaxation where one after the other disaster would usually follow.

The only thing he hadn’t reckoned with was that anyone might join him. But the door of the cabin swung open and he was on alert, ears twitching into the direction of the intruder.

“Who’s there?” He drawled, voice laden with comfortable drowsiness that he hadn’t been able to shake off so quickly.

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A Happy Family || thesuns-flower

As far back as Millicent could remember, things had always been the same. She had always lived in this gloomy old castle, on the top of the aptly named ‘forbidden mountain’ with no contact with the outside world. There was no one around, except for herself, the goblins and her family.

Her family consisted of three other people: Her father, Count Malus, her mother Gothel and her sister Rapunzel. She wasn’t very fond of her parents, however. They were both so cold, so unkind… so false.

Her sister, however, was another matter. Ever since they were babies, the pair had been all but inseparable, always looking out for one another. Millicent loved her sister very much indeed… even when she insisted on waking at seven in the morning every morning.

“Rapunzel…” the horned girl groaned from her bed, “can’t you sleep in for once? You always wake me up…”

A Unique Flower || thesuns-flower

If there was one thing Arbutus made it his business to know all about, it was flowers. Plant life in general, actually. So when rumors of a flower born of the sun’s light itself reached the elemental being his interest was instantly piqued.

A golden flower, rumor said, which glowed as bright as daylight, and whose power could heal and revitalize. Such a rare specimen would be truly remarkable to behold. At least until some greedy human plucked it away, no doubt to sell it away, petal by petal until there was nothing left.

Arbutus could not allow this. The flower deserved to be cared for, admired, not butchered. And so he made a rare journey away from his garden home to seek the flower out and rescue it. As he neared its’ rumored home–near a kingdom called Corona, he believed–he could sense its power like the warmth from a ray of sunlight. That warmth led him right to a tall, isolated tower…

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((Not at all. uwu))

The little room they had rented wasn’t much bigger than the last one Hans stayed in, but neither he nor Rapunzel seemed to mind in the slightest. It had been a whole week since they had run off together, riding until they could go no farther and finding a nice, quiet village to rest in. 

Hans felt that was more than enough reason to celebrate, and so he picked as many wild flowers as he could find, carrying them behind his back as he entered their room. “I’m back,” he called, trying to hold back his grin.

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This is My Idea || thesuns-flower

For years the Southern Isles and Corona had been close partners in trade and trusted allies to one another, but in most respects the two kingdoms were complete opposites. While Corona’s king and queen were kind, just, and well-loved, the king of the Southern Isles was a hard, strict man, more feared than admired by his subjects. And while the king of the Southern Isles had fathered thirteen–yes, thirteen– sons, Corona’s rulers, for a time, had no heirs of their own. That all changed with the birth of a beautiful baby girl, named Rapunzel.

The birth of the princess was celebrated far and wide, and Corona rejoiced the birth of their future queen. But a queen would need a king, after all, and so the king of the Southern Isles proposed a plan. He already had more heirs than needed, including his youngest son who was born not long before Rapunzel. He proposed uniting the kingdoms through marriage, and so Rapunzel and the thirteenth prince, Hans, were betrothed then and there.

It would not be until eight years later, however, that they would meet. “Why do I have to do this…?” young Hans complained as he and his father awaited the Coronian ship. “I don’t want to play with some boring princess.”

“It’s important that the two of you get along,” was all his father offered in terms of an explanation. “Ah, look, there’s the ship now.”

Light and Dark AU || thesuns-flower

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, once the neglected, invisible thirteenth prince, the last in line for the throne. He had no respect, no recognition, nothing. All that changed when he traveled to the kingdom of Arendelle and attempted to take the throne.

Now he was well-known, but as a laughingstock. A joke, a pittiful, power-hungry failure who was sent home in the brig of a ship, then turned away by his own brothers. Needless to say he was more than a little angry. He wanted revenge, on his brothers, on the queen and princess of Arendelle, on anyone who had dared humiliate him. But how he would get this revenge was beyond him. Until he heard rumors of the fabled ‘king of nightmares.’

The 'boogie man’ children had feared for centuries. More and more people were beginning to turn their backs on such superstitions, but a few still believed… and they all told tales of the boogie man’s dark lair, far below the earth. It took Hans nearly two months, but finally he found the entrance to the lair, and he descended in search of the nightmare king.

From Bad to Worse || thesuns-flower

Just a quick trip to town, he had told her. He would go, get some food for dinner, and be back before she knew it. When Rapunzel offered to tag along Hans declined, saying she should rest. After all, she had been hurt just the other day, and though she was healing quickly she should still take it easy.

Besides, he thought, it was just a quick trip to buy food, what could possibly go wrong? But as he and Sitron arrived in town he realized quickly what could go wrong when he noticed a group of very angry looking men standing in the street. 

“Oh no…” He turned quickly, praying none of them had seen him.

Secrets || thesuns-flower

As hectic as preparing for a wedding was–ordering a mob of goblins to decorate a castle courtyard, looking into the legal aspects needed documentation, finding proper clothes, etc.–Hans was trying very hard not to let the stress get to him. He was finally getting over his cold, the wedding was in just a few days, and everything so far had gone fairly well. Well, aside from getting a proper marriage license in town. Apparently you couldn’t get one unless you could prove your identity, the last thing a pair of wanted criminals wanted to do at this point.

And having to accompany Eugene to an old shop looking for hand-me-down suits wasn’t a picnic, either. “Remind me again why you’re here…?” he asked with a sigh as they looked through the little shop.