In the culture of Islam it is taught that “Allah is the best knower” and it’s also taught that “he is the greatest amongst you is to be your leader (servant)”. You ever notice when there is a group of FOI on a maneuver, you will find that only one will do the talking. Let’s take Father Allah (who was very proficient at this principle. When the Father would lead the Gods on a maneuver, it was understood that “no one did the talking but Allah”. It wasn’t like Allah would be standing building with the mayor or whoever, and then just any old 5% would interrupt him (all would have to be quiet), as Allah was the best knower, and he was the leader, so they looked to him for guidance. So Allah (meaning the all in all) is the same. The Muslim recognize their is the best knower amongst the Original people, and they pray to that one for guidance. See, Man means Mind and Intelligence. We are focusing on the perfect man of the mind. Prayer is both internal and external

All of the Great Gods of antiquity dealt with the science of prayer. Prayer means “the rememberance of Allah”. It’s the time to reflect on the all and all. Most of the Great Gods pray out of respect for the creator (the first God or Allah). Prayer is a high form of gratitude. It keeps one away from indecency and evil. In order for us to be great, we have to be willing to SERVE and be a SERVANT to our people. If one is willing to sacrifice much, then yes, we all have the potential of being the greatest God, however, there will always be one who is the greatest, be it me, you or one of the other 5 billion plus!

…and let me add, all Muslims(in the NOI) don’t pray to Master Fard Muhammad. Allah described prayer as being something very personal, not many people discuss their prayers when you think about it. Yet, the ancients had no problem with man being God and the concept of praying to the image of an actual man. Some believe you should pray to a mystery (nothing). Some believe you should just pray to your self. Yet again, most prayers (by nature) are internal and external. After you pray, you got “to get up, get out, and get something” and that will come from the external cipher around you (universe). Yet the prayer is the start of extracting what you want out of it.

- Wakeel Allah