There is an incredible amount of diversity in NYC. New Yorkers are blessed to be exposed to a lot of different cultures and this exposure absolutely encourages curiosity. And isn’t curiosity at the core of a traveling spirit?

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Digital Illustrations by Courtney Nagy for The Style Line

"My love started from a sample I received. It’s the perfect aromatic men’s body cleanser to make you feel and smell fresh ‚Äď no scents of teenage body spray here. The lingering fresh scent of eucalyptus is a great plus, as it keeps me smelling clean even after a long day running around the city." - Victor Verdguo

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Day 1 -  NYFW live Illustrating at Tia Cibani

To celebrate day 1 of New York Fashion Week, Designer Tia Cibani presented us a beautiful feminine and bohemian dream world inside the Wolcott Hotel. Inspired by the works of Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh and Art Nouveau. Tia’s girls lounged around with beautiful teased hair, soft candle lighting with grand piano tunes.  We were immediately drawn to her dutchess satin slouch trousers and pleated dresses, soft sculpted shaped capes, and a heart felt approach to refining her craft. - LQ

Live onsite Illustrations for TheStyleLine.

New York is a place overflowing with creativity and inspiration.  New York knows how to give you that extra push and adds that extra pep to your step.  Everywhere you look someone has done something new and different with architecture, fashion, music, art, or plants and it’s invigorating and motivating.

DELUXE FEATURE                                                                                    

A recurring spotlight¬†featuring glitterati¬†answering the question: ‚ÄúWhat is your favorite¬†item in your closet?‚Ä̬†and talking about their strides¬†in the giving and fashion spaces.

ELENA MURZELLO, author of “The Love List,” design engineer and actress.

During last week‚Äôs Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, New York, Elena‚Äôs¬†book¬†had a dedicated lounge at¬†TechStyle, where she¬†hosted a Twitter Q&A with¬†friends from Skinny Girl Sparklers. She also had the privilege of taking¬†over¬†TheStyleLine's Instagram account.¬†¬†¬†Elena's book made¬†glamour Magazine’s Valentine’s Gift Guide.

Elena is¬†a multifaceted multi-tasker, certainly a “go-getter.”¬†She is a design engineer with an MBA; a writer,¬†actress, and nurse.¬†Succeeding at demanding careers requires a fine balancing act that constantlykeeps¬†her on her toes, so it follows logically that¬†the favorite¬†thing in her closet are¬†these¬†magical pink Valentino¬†heels. “I feel like they give me special super powers when I wear them(and 4 inches of height!).”¬†¬†¬†She bought these stunners in 2013—the year¬†she¬†finished graduate school with her MBA,¬†and her book, The Love List: A guide to Getting Who You Want¬† was released.¬†

Elena’s¬†first nursing job was on the Burns, Plastics and Trauma unit, so she understands the importance of philanthropy and helping others.¬† She supports a variety of health care initiatives, but can’t pick just one, “they are all important!”

In The Love List, Elena shares her real-life experiences as well as information gathered from more than a hundred single, divorced, and married men and women about the qualities they look for in a life partner. Abstracting details from her interviews she created a process that anyone can use to create their own lists. Along with introspective questions to ponder, Elena includes sample lists of characteristics, the top three traits both men and women seek in a partner, an exploration of different types of relationships, and ways to diversify a portfolio of suitors.

The Love List provides practical tips and personal stories to encourage single people to look deep within, take risks, and learn to rely on their own unique lists while searching for the perfect mate.

Elena is¬†energetic, reflective, and constantly on the move.¬†She seeks the¬†rich and nourishing flavours of lifestyles found around the globe. Whether it’s riding a tuk-tuk or a subway, bartering in the local market for fresh fruit or exploring the boutiques along the Champs-Elysees, each city has something unique, a jewel that sets them apart. She wants to be in the everyday, everywhere.

Witnessing people in their natural environment gave her the realization that across the universe, we are the same. Nurturing this empathetic bond with people from around the world has strengthened her aptitude to shape honest, distinct, and real characters in both acting and writing. These experiences have also awakened her visions and designs in event planning, drawing from vibrant colours, soothing aromas, zesty cuisines, exquisite sounds, and distinguished textiles. 

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