My twenty first birthday lands on a Tuesday this year, I want to drink all day, from the minute I wake up until I fall asleep (day-long). There’s no reason why that couldn’t happen, I just don’t to end up with alcohol poisoning, lol.

I think I have an idea of what I actually want to do. I want to do lunch and dinner, for sure. Go to either Max Brenner at night for dessert or lunch time candy madness at Dylan’s Candy Bar. Not too sure. I have to find a restaurant for dinner… not sure what cuisine I’m gonna be craving by then.

Outfit wise? I have a sexy black cami slip dress in mind since it is going to be hot. That’ll be for dinner though. Lunch? Probably something real casual yet chic.

Hair? No idea, a new color most definitely. I’m ready for change!

Btw, my birthday isn’t until August. Everyone knows I am big on pre-planning so everything goes accordingly.

For the weekend? Party for sure. I’ll update this in a few months, lol. 👌

I am not the 15/16 year old girl that I use to be. I’m no longer that naive girl, especially when it comes to relationships. I’m often misconstrued as emotional, irrational but what some failed to realized, what you did to me 5 years ago and in between those years has changed my life, who I am and how I handle certain situations. I may be emotional but don’t you dare take my kindness for weakness, I’m not blind, deaf nor dumb.

I value loyalty and honesty the most in any form of relationship, everything in between lies within those two values. If you cannot be honest with me, I cannot trust you therefore proving disloyalty. Now, when I was 15/16 it was easy to tell me convincing lies… I’ll be 21 this summer, that shit don’t fly anymore. If I ask you a question, most likely I know the answer - so lying to me, ultimately puts you in a dark hole. Do not lie to me. Simple things can turn into big situations as to little lies can turn into big lies. How can you be okay with lying through your teeth? If you can repeatedly lie without your guilty conscious eating away at you, there’s something seriously fucked up about you - mentally and emotionally.

You can’t possibly love someone and want the relationship to work, and still telling your ex and other people you’ve dated in the past “I love you.” Other girls calling you baby, and you’re responding. Sleeping over at your friends house to babysit their child, with your ex. How am I suppose to trust you? You really think those actions are trust worthy? Out your rabbit ass mind. What makes me so special? Besides the fact that you’re fucking me? I love you doesn’t have any meaning anymore. Pet names ain’t shit and it damn sure don’t take two people to watch one baby.

I’m a very caring person, I’m selfless for the most part; I often put people before me & if I am selfish it is within good reason… But when you take all of that, take advantage of me and expect that I will stay, that you have me wrapped around your finger, oh… that’s just one side of me, my love, you haven’t seen nothing yet. When you least expect it, change is coming…