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So, I'm curious, In what form do you ship Johnlcok exactly? the bromance or the romance? (In my opinion they have a soulmate, once in a lifetime, love of your life kind of thing going on. But strictly platonic. I can't see them beeing a romantic couple in the BBC series. That would just feel wrong (and very uncomfortable for ben and martin) But you know Johnlock: eyesex=sex, I heard you=I love you. punch in the face=I've missed you. you utter cock=I love you awwww my OTP is the best <3

I’m so stuck between shipping them die hard or platonically or both…
I either way ship them as the best friends that have ever existed and they’re absolutely each other’s soul mate and should never be apart (again). I do ship them when I read fanfiction where they’re together and I like seeing lots of angsty posts with nice lyrics and all meaning full stuff and all that but I’m not really sure if i want it or not to become canon. I always thought nah, that’d be weird and it’s never gonna happen but S3 really changed my mind about that (and i also got a bit brainwashed by all the meta’s on Tumblr) and I think it could happen someday but I’m not sure if I’m gonna like that or not. Well, I think I will like it but I’m scared for how the show writers are gonna do it. That it’ll be too sudden or idk, that the Johnlock-shippers will go mad and be all like I TOLD YOU FUCK YOU HATERS and the ‘anti’-shippers all stop watching the show because i wouldn’t want that to happen, ever (I hate this hate between ships anyway, but I don’t want people to stop watching because of something like that).

Also if they are gonna make it canon I hope they’re very careful with the ship, like not make them the supergay detective and his happy floppy doctor boyfriend, they should stay character (a bit of developing is normal of course) and I think it’d be very interesting if they’re gonna write that. 

I wrote a post earlier about how I think the writing of Sherlock’s character has been developing in s3, which could also lead to Johnlock getting canon?

They should just be careful with how they’re gonna let it happen because lots of people were like JUST KISS ALREADY at the Stag Night in 221b bit but I honestly wouldn’t like it if they’d shared their first kiss drunk, that upfront, and also John was with Mary at the time so it’d be cheating and I wouldn’t approve that either, the John Watson in my head wouldn’t do that.

annnyyyyway, I still don’t know if I’m in for it to happen or not, I’ll just go with the flow for a bit more and I’ll just continue reading FF and make stuff with nice words and Tumblr all the way, we’ll see what happens :)

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Hello O'Holy gif-maker genious! :)( Side note: Thank you SO much for all the help and tutorials you give us new gif-makers, really appreciate it!) I have this gif that is 500px wide and under 1Mb. Why can't I upload it to tumblr? :(

You’re welcome, I’m glad I could be of any help! <3 Uhm, it could have something to do with the colors. Tumblr doesn’t like it when your colors are too vibrant or you use too much of Levels to darken your gifs. I am speaking out of experience, IDK if this is really why Tumblr won’t upload them, but I find that whenever I lower the Vibrance and lose some of it’s color and make my gif lighter, Tumblr let’s me upload. :( Hope you get to upload your gif!