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It could all by a nightmare, Stiles thinks, or even an out of body experience. Only he wasn’t watching his body like one is suppose to when having said experience, instead Stiles is trapped inside his body, feeling his body act without his direction, listen to his words speak on another persons accord. And even if he wanted to truthfully believe that he’d wake up from this and wake up in his bed, he had other things to worry about. Like how his sister would be home any time now and the one walking around in his body, smashing Stiles somewhere deep down in himself, was waiting on the couch for her.

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No matter how hard she focused, she just couldn’t seem to place the people staring at her. She wasn’t sure if she had met them before, but the way they were looking at her?

“Can… can I help you?” She asked quietly, shifting her weight from foot to foot.

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Had Scott not noticed the hints of what reminded him of Stiles   warm like honey and what he thought the color ember would smell like  , he wouldn’t have noticed the other but her scent danced in the air, weaving over him in soft waves. Brown eyes flickered upwards, catching a round face with elegant features and offered a friendly curve of his mouth, “Hi.”