The Vampire Mistake

Liana awoke laying next to Stefan she smiled and she lightly turned over laying her head on his chest. She sighed feeling his chest move up and down underneath her head. Her and Stefan were dating for a while now and she loved him. She didn’t really tell him that she did yet but she was planning on to.

I’m not sure why you’re all here or why you decided to follow me or why you decided to follow me back but, thank you so much for doing so.  I know I probably won’t get everyone on here but I’m going to try to.  Seriously I’ve only been in the TVD fandom for about a month and a half now and the fact that any of you think I’m a quality Elena is insane and I can’t thank the 100 of you following me enough for actually following me.

Mi Osos Originales - My Original Bears
  • badassbitchkatherine scarlettmikaelson originalqueenofthedamned (Sammy) - I put Sammy first because she was the first person to contact me on my personal about coming an rping with her.  She was really nice about it and so I will cite her as the reason I decided to join the TVD rp world. I love her oodles and bunches, she is one hot salvahoe!
  • damonsalvatorelegendarybadass (Julia) The Damon to my Elena!  I love this girl, she’s so beautiful and awesome and she has such great chemistry with like everyone.  Playing off of her Damon is easy and she makes it fun even if you’re doing something angsty or murdery or rippery.  She’s honestly amazing at being Damon and I love her!
  • therealqueenbekah therealkingklaus ailsacoirasinclairofficial Samantha, what to say about her.  She’s a really beautiful soul, with a beautiful face to match.  I love how she portrays Rebekah and Klaus.  She’s also amazing outside of the RP world.  She’s funny and smart, plus y'know her australian accent doesn’t hurt either *suggestive eyebrow wiggle*.  I do love her so, just as much as all of my other salvahoes, and I’m glad she’s a part of the family.
  •  thestefansalvatore1864 therealqueencaroline (ida) - Ida, the littelest Salvahoe.  I swear once you get to know her, how old she is won’t even be a factor.  Honestly I didn’t believe her when she told me how old she was.  An old sage soul like hers is hard to come by. She’s one of my favorites to talk to even when she doesn’t use her inside voice.  She’s funny and adorable and her Stefan, even when you want to rip his face off for being shrinky Stefan, is spot on, she’s like actually Stefan and she’s my humanity hug partner!
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Amor de Lejos - People I love from afar and want to rp with but am too much of a chicken shit to do so.

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-I probably forgot a zillion people… but I’m also following less people who are following me.  Also I’d like to include in this follow forever badassqueencaroline & badasskingklaus in this because seeing their rping made me want to join the TVD rp fandom in the first place.

Meeting in a Cemetery, How Romantic || Stelena - thestefansalvatore1864

        “I’m fine, thanks for asking,” “I’m fine, thanks,” “Doing better, thank you,” “Yes, it’s been rough, but I’m okay. We’re okay.” Elena felt like a broken record as she went through the first day of school, the beginning of her time completely back after the accident. There was only so many ways to say how she was doing and none of them were all that convincing in her mind, but they all managed to push the people away from their incessant worrying about her. Yes, it was nice to be worried about, but the constant asking only brought the even up in her mind and made the wounds fresh. She just wanted to be left alone, and okay. If people would leave her be, her wounds would scar and she’d be all right. The only normal occurrence she had all day was running into the new guy after scolding Jeremy in the bathroom, then her dick of a history teacher getting on her for not remembering a date. Typical high school things, right? Right. So much for that.

        Instead of heading home, the brunette went further, she went to the cemetery. Creepy, maybe, but being there made her feel closer to her parents, like they could look down on her, like she could feel their presence. If it risked her becoming the town graveyard watcher, she didn’t care. It was a place to think, and so she did. Elena pulled her knees in as she propped her journal up against them, recounting the day so she could have a sense of feeling, a place to put the emotions she couldn’t expel around her friends, her classmates. A place to let herself be herself and have her thoughts run wild even if they only grew as weeds. A solemn haven, quiet, until the crack of a branch nearby made her look up. “Hello?” She closed the book and slid it into her bag before standing and looking around, eerie smoke around her that she didn’t notice until now when it finally dissipated with the sound of a crow. “Creepy.” Elena spoke softly under her breath before seeing a movement. “You can come out, it’s okay. I’m not afraid, I’m just wondering who’s here…” Her eyes flickered as she watched the figure and waited for them to turn and speak. “Really. It’s fine.”

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Hmm, my current tumblr crushes….

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Not over you || Stelena (closed with thestefansalvatore1864)

Elena took a deep breath as she looked at the picture of her and Stefan on her desk.  Her fingers ran across the glass covering the picture as she traced the smile on her face.  If she was honest with herself she hadn’t smiled that genuinely since she and Stefan had broken up, and definitely not since she’d become a vampire.  She sighed and placed the picture face down on the bed she had chosen as her own in the Salvatore boarding house, and pulled her knees up to her chest.  The oldest Gilbert could hear everything, Damon was showering and Stefan was down in the living area, doing something to the fire and so she took this as her opportunity.

She walked quietly down the stairs, which wouldn’t matter.  She knew Stefan would know it was her, because he just knew things like that.  It made her smile to herself, but it was tucked away quickly as she reached the bottom of the stairs.  She could see him, standing in front of the fire place, one arm resting on the mantel, the other holding a glass of what she could only guess was bourbon.  Elena watched as his stance changed ever so slightly, and she knew that he knew that she was there.  She still walked as quietly as possible until her feet hit the persian rug that covered the floor.  "Hey, Stefan.“

OOC: I'd like to make a confession

As odd as it sounds–I, this MUN, was the person responsible for the pretty bear anon. 

When tasked with a language challenge from Klaus, I decided hey, why not use the three words I retained from Spanish?

Those three words just happened to be:

Muy. Bonito. Oso. 

Google Translate filled in my gaps. 

Anonymous Truth or Dare Extravaganza! (Announcement)

OOC: So, I got an ask telling me that our misfit group of RP'ers should do another Truth or Dare thread, but this time–with our Dares/Questions entirely determined by anonymous submissions!

And–obviously–this is an amazing idea. So naturally we all went to work to think of an idea of how we could implement this in the best way possible.

1. It will be done Narrative Style. 

The way we did it before was fun, but we all feel like it would be more fun if we did it like our characters were actually there. 


“I dare you to kiss Katherine.” Elena challenged, looking towards the blonde Original who simply raised an eyebrow. 

“It’s not like I haven’t done this before..” she shrugged, standing up from her seat on the couch and walking over to the older doppelganger who was wearing a face of casual indifference and curiosity as Rebekah leaned in and touched her lips to hers. 

It was hot, and over entirely too quickly. 

2. Questions / Dares will be sent anonymously to any one of our RP accounts. 

They do have to be specific to the person, such as: “Truth to Stefan from Damon–Who did you like better in bed? Elena or Katherine?” or “Dare to Katherine to kiss Damon.” and so on. 

I’m not sure how the sending in will work, but I’m sure we’ll work out the kinks before we start. 

3. We will compile all of the anonymous submissions into a sort of pile we will choose from. 

Again, not quite sure how this will work but we’re working on it. I’ll update this post if we figure out an easier way of doing things. 

4. We will tag all of our posts with the tag TVD RP Truth or Dare 

So that when everything is finished, people can easily go back and read the thread without having to search endlessly for it. 

We will be taking submissions for about a week before we start, and most likely throughout the entire game.