Last night I held my first, official “Star Shooting Workshop” ! 
The night started off questionable with wildfire smoke, but ended with clear skies, beautiful stars, and a great group of people. I had a great time, they seemed to have a good time, and it looked like everyone went home with some sweet star pics and new knowledge. It was a real pleasure being able to share what I’ve been enjoying with others equally excited and interested about shooting stars. Here’s my last shot from the night.

Just got back from an awesome climbing trip on Mt Thielsen. Need sleep. Talk more later this week. In the meantime, here’s some shots from the trip in the rarely seen mode of daytime! 

The big storm blew out as fast as it came in and the stars came out for the rest of the night. Around 11pm a bright half moon came up over the mountain to light everything up around us. 

It’s always a shock how bright the moon is, even in half phase. 
We packed in light for this climb, so no tents. The lumps of colored nylon in this picture is friends sleeping :-)