Love didn’t just happen to us. It grew, as slowly as Highgarden’s first planting after a long, lean winter. But anyone who has survived the snows will tell you, nothing is sweeter than that first harvest.  

Inspired by the Sansa/Willas fanfiction Rough Winds Do Shake.

A very belated happy birthday to thestarkinhighgarden!


Sansa & Willas

inspired by thestarkinhighgarden’s novel fanfiction Rough Winds Do Shake

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate;
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date

Torrhen Stark & Naerys Tyrell

– a genderswap of Sansa/Willas, planned by thestarkinhighgarden aka SecondStarontheLeft

Eddie Redmayne as Torrhen Stark

Charlotte Riley as Naerys Tyrell

I CANNOT BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT IDEA. The moment I start to think about this I literally can’t anymore because FEELS and OMG THINK ABOUT THE POSSIBILITIES


  • Torrhen as Robb’s heir, a peace-loving, gentle boy who loves stories and music, but is also really really clever and bookish and has a core of steel and knows that a war can’t only be won by swords
  • which means Arya might be betrothed to Joffrey and kept in KL (Gendry hello)
  • Naerys wouldn’t be heir to Highgarden, probably not crippled either (because no tourneys for women), maybe still friends with Oberyn, a Hightower at heart, well-read and smart but so not like Margaery, and still unwed because nobody would see her when there’s her younger sister
  • marriage alliances, Cat goes south to treat with Renly, Margaery is already his wife so Naerys will have to do, and Torrhen is first sceptic because she’s not her sister and not Jonquil and not a typical princess/lady but then he’s like head-over-heels because THEY ARE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN
  • and she’s more than 11 years older than him but that doesn’t matter because they can still talk about things and they grow to be the mastermind ruling team of the North when Robb is killed; doesn’t mean they have to absolutely love each other from the very beginning (ok Torrhen would have a huge crush on her) but they’d come along pretty well I believe
  • also awkward wedding night lol
  • Torrhen is King in the North, the Tyrells have two queens = problem for them
  • Naerys and Garlan = awesome sister-brother-relationship
  • Naerys with her horses, falcons and dogs = a woman who’s not married and doesn’t want to be because she hasn’t found the right man yet and she’s too Hightower to just marry someone who’s not good enough for her on an intellectual level (or maybe she’s a widow, who knows, who cares) and who has a hobby and something to do
  • Olenna completely disapproving lol
  • T&N bond over their shared interests and Naerys actually grows quite fond of that boy who just fancies her so much
  • I could go on and on
  • this is just perf

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Do you have any really good sansa/Jaime fics you could recommend?

Why, yes. Yes, I do, although these are just those favorites of mine that come to mind. A good place to start would be anything written by Laine for a full education in the ship.

Feels weird to rec myself, but we don’t have an endless supply of Jaime/Sansa to choose from, so these are probably my top two:

thestarkinhighgarden-archive asked:

Is it bad that I want you to write my OT3 of Arya/Ned/Trys in some sort of post-series type thing just to see what you'd do with them?

(Well, it isn’t post-series, but have an Iron and Silk Arya/Ned/Trys?)

Ned never understood what it was that gave Aunt Ashara that sad, sad smile. Eddard Stark had betrayed her, dishonored her and taken her son, shouldn’t she hate him? Shouldn’t the sight of her so-Stark son make her frown instead of smile? He liked Jon, he did, especially once he looked past the hair and the eyes and saw more Dayne in him under the Stark, but he didn’t understand what could have been so special about Eddard Stark that Aunt Ashara smiled wistfully when she thought of him, even after marrying a husband she… was fond of, in her way.

He didn’t understand, until Trys told him that he was marrying the younger Stark girl, until he realized he loved his best friend only when he would lose him. Then he understood the wistful pain of wanting what you can’t have, but he still didn’t understand what it was about Starks. This wasn’t Aunt Ashara, this was Uncle Arthur - no one knew he knew, but he’d heard the whispers, how his legendary uncle loved no woman so much as Elia Martell. And they have always said her youngest nephew resembles her.


Doran spends his time at the Water Gardens, Arianne at Sunspear, Quentyn with his wife, Ned’s cousin Princess Shireen, on Dragonstone, and Oberyn moving restlessly between them. Trystane and his wife take a piece of land that once held a tower where another Stark woman came to die, and they build a new home there. It tells the ghosts of the Rebellion, the ones that linger even after the War of Three Kings, the Second Battle For The Dawn, that they are no longer welcome, that this is a new world and the wounds are healing. 

Ned doesn’t go, not to watch the construction, not to visit at Sunspear where Trys and his lady wife are staying until Sunset Hall is complete. Ned does roll his eyes at the name - it’s the sort of silly, poetic label he would expect from Trystane Martell, who wanted to be a minstrel when he was too young to know princes couldn’t do that. They say that the youngest Martell loves his Stark wife, that they’ll have a litter of desert wolf pups before too long. 

And Ned can’t face that, he can’t. He doesn’t marry, he rules Starfall alone and plans to choose one of Jon’s children as his heir. Jon may be the first of a cadet branch of the Daynes in the Stormlands, with his own sigil and words, but better one of the Pirate’s Swoop Daynes to a High Hermitage Dayne - Jon’s line is closer to the main line, after all. Technically Jon himself is Ned’s heir after Aunt Ashara. 

Then Trys arrives, unannounced and not alone. Ned’s breath catches in his throat at the sight of his friend (his love), at those dark eyes and warm copper skin, the slow lazy smile. He is the summer as his wife is the winter, and Ned makes himself look at Arya Stark. She is darker than Jon because of the Dornish sun, but the grey eyes are the same, pale and sharp. Her brown hair whips about her face in the sea breezes and a bravo’s blade rests at her hip. Trys barges in as he always has done, refusing to let quiet, brooding Ned shut himself away, and Arya is… She matches blades with him and grins, and he forgets to hate her. Her direwolf Nymeria seems to like him as well, nudging him toward the happy couple whenever Ned thinks he ought to leave them to themselves. And they always welcome him, sprawling out in Starfall’s terrace gardens and talking of everything and nothing. They remain at Starfall for two weeks, and then travel to Sunset Hall, dragging Ned along for the ride. 

He cannot refuse either of them, by then.

He wonders if this is how Uncle Arthur felt, watching Elia Martell stand by Rhaegar Targaryen. He wonders if this is how Aunt Ashara felt, when Eddard Stark came to Starfall to promise his hand before it all went to seven hells.

He wonders if it is possible to be both amazingly happy and utterly brokenhearted, as he is, for long, or if it will simply kill him.

Then Arya pushes him into Trys’ chest and kisses him under the stars halfway to Sunset Hall, and Trys’ lips are on his neck before trailing up to his ear, a whisper making Ned’s heart all but stop in his chest. “I waited, I waited so long for you, but you never came. So we found you instead.”

#look i’m pretty sure that everyone who thinks about the lannisters has agreed that gerion is basically the biggest babe to have ever lived #and is going to return triumphant at the end of the series with brightroar and just sort house lannister out now that he’s the last brother 

If Gerion is not the hottest Lannister and if he does not make an appearance, I will fling myself off Casterly Rock. 

(Happy birthday, Niamh! Afraid it’s a bit late by your timezone though.)

They are in, of all places, the godswood, when it happens. The wedding is in two months, and Willas cannot deny that he’s looking forward to making Sansa his wife.

It’s not entirely proper, sitting on the bench while Sansa lies on the grass, hair and skirts fanning out, auburn and fawn brown and the cream of her skin against the green. But she agreed when he suggested it, asked to draw her with his charcoal and sticks of color.

He thinks she’s fallen asleep, and with her eyes closed and lips slightly parted, she looks like one of the fey, somehow. One arm is stretched out, hand curled loosely. Willas tries to catch the red and gold in her hair; he does well enough, but sketches, even colored ones, never come close to reality.

Sansa’s eyes flutter open. “Oh… I fell asleep.” She sits up, running her fingers through her long hair. “I didn’t ruin your sketch, did I?”

Willas laughs because he can’t do anything else. He can hardly breathe, because he loves her. His little wolf, his Sansa, he knew he was fond of her and he wanted her, but when her eyes opened just now… He wants to wake to her sleeping so peacefully for the rest of his life. To watch her eyes open like that. Gods, how is it he didn’t know? “Do you want to see?” he asks. Sansa nods, moving to sit next to him. Her hair falls loose around her, brushing Willas’ shoulder. He can smell the scent that always clings to her, something like rosemary, yet not.

“Willas…” She sees it, he realized, looking at his sketch with her. Somehow, he drew his revelation into each line, and when Sansa looks up at him, he thinks he might see something of his own feelings reflected in her blue, blue eyes.

He’s kissed her before, light, teasing pressed of lips. He’s run his fingertips over her hair - she used to try Margaery’s styles but now she keeps it in various kinds of braids.

But this is different, his fingers tangling in loose, silk-soft hair, her hand curling around the back of his neck. She makes a soft sound, lips parting for him, and she tastes of cinnamon and apples and nutmeg, from the cider and spices cakes they had before he began drawing.

Sansa is trembling slightly in Willas’ hands, but then, he’s shaking a bit himself. He’s never known this any more than she has, not because of lack of experience but because it’s never meant quite this much.

thestarkinhighgarden replied to your post: immortallyophelia replied to your thestarkinhighgarden replied to your post: immortallyophelia replied to your post: So I went…
 I feel as though 99% of Christians forget that the purpose of Christ coming to earth was to erase the sins of ALL of humanity and in coming to earth he made ALL of us God’s children because in dying he removed Original Sin and ugh they have these Old Testament ways of thinking and Jesus basically eradicated the need for a lot of what the Old Testament legislated for (if you can call it that?) and just I really get mad at a lot of Christians for this shit I’m sorry you had to go through that bb :(

To be honest, I don’t get the Old Testament at all.

Like, the bible wasn’t written down until at least a thousand years after Jesus died, so why was there even a need for anything beyond the contents of the Torah (first five of the Old Testament or am I completely off here?) before they wrote the New Testament?

IDK, then again I can’t figure out how we got a new religion from a guy who was Jewish, so…. 

(edit, this makes much more sense with part one attached) 

not that more than a handful of you care about my life, but I haven’t been online much because I’ve been spending this week taking my cat to vets and stuff and my cat had to have surgery and the good news is they saved my cat’s life!!!

He’s wearing one of those cones of shame right now and he keeps crashing into walls and it’s kind of upsetting.  

On a lighter note, I saw Catching Fire today and I really liked it! Finnick is my fav.

I have not had a chance to read Niamh’s amazing sansa/willas fic yet that she cranked out in like a week, I’m sorry, Niamh, I promise to read it as soon as I get a chance, please forgive me!!! In the meantime, you guys should all go read it!!!

My Thanksgiving break started, so hopefully I will finally get a chance to crank out some graphics/gifsets this weekend.  I have several in mind, at least, so we’ll see how that goes.  Should I do one of those end of the year follow thingies i just don’t know.

I haven’t looked at my dash in like 3 days, so if there’s something somebody wanted me to see, you should probably link me.  Just looking at all the messages in my inbox is making me feel overwhelmed, so I don’t think I’m gonna do that answering messages thing right now, I think I need to go lie down now.  i’ll probably be back later, xoxo

sansa/willas: truth or dare

Willas isn’t quite sure how Margaery managed to talk him into his but somehow he’s sitting in a circle with his siblings and all of their friends playing truth or dare. Normally he wouldn’t mind, he doesn’t do secrets usually but unfortunately since he met Sansa (his little sister’s best friend as he tries to keep on reminding himself) he’s had one very big secret.

It starts off pretty normally, complete with him having to firmly shut his ears when people start mentioning his siblings’ sex lives because not even the amount of alcohol he’s already consumed is going to make him okay with hearing that.

He feels the need to do the same thing when Loras looks at him with a grin before asking Sansa if she likes anyone and hopes that the crashing pit of despair he feels when she says yes doesn’t appear on his face.

Margaery still dares him to kiss her (he had thought dare would be safer but he should have known his sister better) and doesn’t listen his protests that it’s unfair on Sansa. He kisses her chastely on the lips and glares at his siblings’ gleeful faces when he pulls away.

It’s only later when the game is over and Garlan has abandoned him in favour of Leonette that Sansa approaches him and he blurts out an apology before she can even say a word. She blushes beautifully he can’t help but notice and he can barely hear her next words until her mouth is practically next to his ear and she says, “you’re the one i like.”

Willas feels like an idiot then as he stares at her and is suddenly not sure whether he hates his sister or loves her. He opens his mouth to speak but somehow no words come out and instead he slowly lifts one hand to her cheek and kisses her very unchastely indeed.

mermaidmanderly asked:

I just don't GET it. Like, at least R+L=J (which is SO BORING THAT IT BRINGS ME TO TEARS) makes sense. Do people think that Tywin Lannister would ever let himself be a cuckhold? Hello? 'The Rains of Castamere' ringing any bells?

E X A C T L Y. It’s super frustrating to me on so many levels because (trigger warning)

  1. do people think Tywin would allow himself to be cuckolded, as you said? Would super-proud and desiring respect Tywin really continue serving Aerys???
  2. why do people want to take this powerful woman that is Joanna and (usually) send this message of subjugation with her rape?
  3. why do people want to take away Joanna’s agency by suggesting that she had no bodily autonomy and wouldn’t have gotten an abortion like Cersei did if she had been raped?
  4. why do people need to imply that Joanna did something ~wrong~ in pregnancy (ie a failed abortion) or that there is something ~wrong~ with Tyrion and make his achondroplasia due to ~the magic~? Just no. 
  5. too many other reasons to list. Too often there is so much sexist and ableist bullshit behind these theories and these theories are gross and I haaaaate them. 

@niamh and fabio (comment replies not working all of a sudden):

Barristan is definitely a silver fox, but is he the ULTIMATE silver fox? I mean let’s look at the list here (going by the show so far):

  • Barristan/Ian McElhinney
  • Tywin/Charles Dance
  • Jorah/Iain Glen
  • Blackfish/Clive Russell
  • Ned/Sean Bean
  • Jaime/Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (I’m counting him because his beard is starting to go grey rawr)
  • Stannis/Stephen Dillane
  • Davos/Liam Cunningham
  • Roose/Michael McElhatton

and probably some that I’m forgetting. (I would count book!Mance but not on the show so much I don’t really think Ciaran Hinds is very attractive.)

so that’s some pretty stiff competition right there, and Oberyn Martell hasn’t even been cast yet…

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Hello, this is the person who took your previous url. I would just like to say that I had no intention of being rude, or impersonating you, and looking back, I do wish I had asked you if it were okay for me to do this. However, I have seen a tremendous amount of anon hate and one message from freeloader or something like that, which means that I am no longer able to continue saving that url (I was planning on co running a Willas/Sansa blog)...

It does seem a bit of an overreaction, but one of the messages claimed that I was a “thieving talentless cunt’, whereas another "a crazy psycho stalker”. Having suffered from anxiety two years ago, this was deeply distressing and I nearly burst into tears in public. I apologise if I seem I am wallowing. Anyway, I am just writing to tell you that I am deleting the blog. I can no longer handle the hate (which I feel I do not deserve, but others may feel differently) so please can you inform 

your followers that there is no need for them to act in such a way anymore. I am sorry if any of my actions offended you or your friends, and I understand their response, even if I cannot entirely forgive them.

So last night, I decided to check my inbox before going to sleep, expecting something from a friend talking about a new AU project (my inbox is generally 99% AU projects).

Instead, I found this.

I’d like to apologise to you, girl-who-saved-the-thestarkinhighgarden-url, because you didn’t deserve this. It’s my fault that you were subjected to it, and for that there’s really nothing I can do but apologise over and over again, because what happened to you was wrong, but it happened on my behalf and at my unintentional behest, apparently.

So to you, I’m sorry. You only did what I would’ve done six months ago to the sansatyrell url, and I only reacted as I did because I was kind of blown away by the speed with which you snapped it up.

And yeah, I was a little creeped out because I didn’t know you, and indeed still don’t, but that doesn’t mean I was ANGRY or I HATED you - I had expressly stated that I was giving up the url, that I was moving away from being thestarkinhighgarden because I feel as if that’s not who I am as an online presence anymore (and besides, I’ve always felt more SecondStarOnTheLeft than anything). I explicitly stated that I would be freeing up the url. 

I handled my surprise badly. Really badly. And I apologise for that, too, because I think I gave the wrong impression to friends and followers, so that’s on my head as well. 

But none of this excuses what some of you, my followers, did.

You essentially sent anon hate in my name. I actively loathe anon hate, as anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows. What on Earth made you think I would be okay with this?! Nobody deserves anon hate for anything so simple as saving a freaking url!

Going on what some of you sent to this poor girl, you seem to be under the impression that my creative abilities are tied to my identity as thestarkinhighgarden, and I have to say, if you think a url like that defines someone then you need to step the hell back. Like, back towards the unfollow button, because you know what? Nobody needs that kind of dumb. Nobody. 

So, girl-who-saved-the-thestarkinhighgarden-url, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for my reaction, I’m sorry for how I handled this, and I’m so, so sorry that you had to put up with this bullshit.

Sorry, friend.

(PS: for a bunch of people who so vilify the use of the word “cunt,” you sure do like to throw it around, tumblr)


Sansa and Willas getting caught by her parents after they surprise her with a birthday visit.

The morning after Willas decided to give her a “birthday visit”.

For thestarkinhighgarden / Niamh for all her wonderful fics. Now when I doodle, I doodle morning after Sansa/Willas