My follow friday

It doesn’t make much sense as almost nobody follows me, but anyway in my opinion every StarKid fan should follow:

Stephanie Walsh sidebradio - she makes the best interviews with StarKids (well, after Snape) You know who did the interview where Joey first told about Joe Walker’s flying shoe? SHE did. You know who did the interview that forever associated baked potatoes with A.J. Holmes? SHE did. And she’s one of the creators of the Darren Criss Street Team and also one of the creators of:

thestarkidcommittee who have many totally awesome giveaways!

huffley6 She’s the video mash-ups god. Things like ‘Starkid Rhapsody’, 'Ron Just Had Sex’ or Ron’s cover of 'My headband’ - these are all her works. And youtube was a butt trumpet recently and threatened to delete her youtube account, so now she’s posting videos on tumblr. Check out the last one, it’s genious.