My follow friday

It doesn’t make much sense as almost nobody follows me, but anyway in my opinion every StarKid fan should follow:

Stephanie Walsh sidebradio - she makes the best interviews with StarKids (well, after Snape) You know who did the interview where Joey first told about Joe Walker’s flying shoe? SHE did. You know who did the interview that forever associated baked potatoes with A.J. Holmes? SHE did. And she’s one of the creators of the Darren Criss Street Team and also one of the creators of:

thestarkidcommittee who have many totally awesome giveaways!

huffley6 She’s the video mash-ups god. Things like ‘Starkid Rhapsody’, 'Ron Just Had Sex’ or Ron’s cover of 'My headband’ - these are all her works. And youtube was a butt trumpet recently and threatened to delete her youtube account, so now she’s posting videos on tumblr. Check out the last one, it’s genious.

Day 02 - List 20 of your favourite tumblr’s, and why they’re your favourite.

there is no way i can do this, but i’ll try. it’s not in order and some people won’t have a reason, so just assume they are hilarious and awesome

1. thestarkidcommittee - they do so much for starkid fans and are nice and respectful and i have never heard any complaints about them, ever. with the dcst having all these issues, ash is just siting there going “yeah, the post office didn’t send you guys the things you won from our free contests, so i’m going to personally go in and figure this out”. i have never seen so many giveaways on any other page, and it’s amazing what they do for us.

2.thatpersonbehindtaz - this girl is so sweet and she makes a great lauren. people were awful to her and gave her shit for just enjoying her own rp, and that really makes me mad. but she’s funny and her conversations with

3.jwalkerisnotawhore - are completely adorable

4. fuckyeahgleetrollsecrets

5. sparklycockles - she introduced me to supernatural, so i hate her

6. starkidfromlastnight - i love anything starkid, what can i say? and these are hilarious

7. fawkes-

8. betterberavenclaw

9. reccingdrarry and

10. drarrylibrary for the same reasons. I LOVE DRARRY

11. fuck-yeah-philosoraptor because i find that meme the funniest

12. charlesbrowder kris allen’s best friend on tumblr? who could resist

13. purepulp if she never posted she would still be on this list for _ai memories’ sake. not that she knows who i am, lol.

14. rikerr5 he wins the internet

15. tfobsessed

16. can-i-slyther-in

17. orderofthestarkid

18. ooh-voldy-voldy

19. devdevnumnums because she actually posts and she’s a starkid, and all the other starkids who DON’T post (i’m looking at you, joe and lauren)

20. my RL friends, because you aren’t going on this list. sorry :)