thestarjar  asked:

You know, Pearl says in the latest song that she wasn't built for fighting (likely supposed to be some kind of building/fixing/engineering type deal). You mentioned Peridot doesn't seem to be good at fighting too, and she's also oriented towards, well, things other than fighting. Both of them have gems on their foreheads. Do you think that's related?

yea, I believe Gems are made to fill particular roles. From what little we know, they seem to have a rigid caste system and regard Gems as tools and not individuals. So you have warrior Gems, who are built for fighting, and you have tech Gems, who are built for something else. I imagine, since Gem society seems to value strength, warrior Gems rank higher than non-fighting Gems.

thestarjar  asked:

Do you have any advice on coming up with valid villain motives? I always try to humanize my villains, but I've turned multiple 'bad guys' into 'good guys' because I can't figure out how to make them both realistic and doing something bad at the same time.

The majority of (though not all) villains believe that they’re doing the right thing, regardless of how horrible their actions may be. For example, if you craft a character who plans the genocide of a magical race in your world, he could very well believe that killing them all will make the world a more peaceful place.

 But it doesn’t have to be for the greater good, either - your character could just as well believe that he’s fully within his right to seize power if he has the ability to do so. (It’s there for the taking - why shouldn’t it be mine?) Bonus points if that character has a history that justifies this mindset. For example, they might have grown up in poverty and had to right their way into their current social status through trickery and deceit, facing social prejudices that have made them angry and bitter along their way. (The way they see society in general can play a pretty big role in the villainous things they do.) 

Overall, just remember this - every antagonist sees themselves as the protagonist of their own story. They believe they’re justified in doing what they’re doing, whether it’s because they have that much confidence in their own power or because they think ultimately the world will be a better place due to their actions.