thestarjar said: prompt: Stan finally seeing Bill - use the theory you believe for if he knows him or not.

I wrote this some months ago, just after Sock Opera (when this takes place) and notably before the ending of Society of the Blind Eye aired, which raises some questions but should have little bearing on this piece.

Characters: Bill Cipher, Stan Pines
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Words: ~1064
Summary: Bill’s eye roved around the console room, taking in the switches and dials and blinking lights. “You know, you’ve done well hiding things so far. But you know as well as I do that won’t last forever!”

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Humdeedum character ask meme. Dipper and the Nightmare Knight. Or wait, have you gotten that far in CQ or no? I know you said a few days ago that you're 40-something in?? wHATEVER just Dipper then if that's still the case im sorry

No need to apologize, it’s sweet that you remembered - correctly - about where I was in CQ! So no, I believe I’m a ways away from Nightmare Knight but I’m pretty stoked to meet him.


    •    Why I like him - I usually don’t relate to characters on any meaningful level (that I’m aware of), but Dipper is awkward and insecure and introverted in all the ways I’m familiar with. He’s OK with not having a solid group of friends like Mabel, but he isn’t a total loner either. He reads a lot but he also delves into his surroundings the way no one else does. He thinks, he questions, and he writes it all down in messy scrawl; he’s very alert, and curious, and focused. He’s a little obsessive, sure, but his dedication to asking the how’s and why’s is the momentum of the show as we know it. He’s pretty upbeat, plays nice with his sister and looks out for her. He’s learned to not be ashamed about the “non-masculine” sides of himself (e.g. listening to Icelandic girly pop). He makes a lot of mistakes and can be clueless, but he’s got a good heart and is good about owning up. He’s an emotional dork in way over his head. I find him absolutely endearing.   

    •    Why I don’t - I cringe a little when he raises his voice against his sister (e.g. in Carpet Diem and Sock Opera), but I’m not sure I’d change that either?? because it’s realistic among even the best of siblings.

    •    Favorite episode (scene if movie) - Either The Hand That Rocks The Mabel because of the way Dipper gives Mabel advice, comforts her, and stands up for her. He always watches out for her, but this to me is one of the best examples of him being there for her. Also, Dipper vs Manliness: It has some really nice character development for Dipper; you go man, you listen to that BABBA!

    •    Favorite line: “(sarcastically) Yes, Aztec warpaint was exactly like a Rasta orange.” (Like most lines I find hilarious, it deserves context and tone. Check it!)

    •    Favorite outfit: Haha not much to choose from there I think he looked pretty slick in Boss Mabel when he fashioned himself after Grunkle Stan.

    •    OTP: Bill/Dipper (BillDip) Ah yes. While I do have a taste for dark, psychologically disturbing pairings between characters who are at odds because they are terribly fascinating to analyze (the so-called “mind game ship”), I think my favorite version of this OTP is where they gradually become friends unofficially by virtue of overlapping interests (the Commonality Connection). It’s easy to see Dipper obsessing over Bill (and to some extent already does) because he represents, in essence, Mystery, and Bill clearly finds Dipper interesting/entertaining at least in part because he’s so alert to the weirdness around him. I feel like, in the absence of some grand scheme or threat that puts them on opposite sides, they would be pretty neutral toward one another and then find their mutual interests bringing them together regularly. With Bill’s knowledge and fast talking combined with Dipper’s curiosity and will (not to mention physical presence), they could be a pretty powerful duo. Plus, Dipper’s got a fair amount of sarcasm and Bill’s never short of snark; that’s always an amusing dynamic. (Side note: in the case of Bipper it’d be fun to have the Symbiotic Possession trope.) Basically any flavor of BillDip is a good flavor.   

    •    Brotp: Dipper/Wendy. It was always clear to me it could only be a crush, and although it was responsible for some of Dipper’s more selfish moments, there was something sweet in his bashfulness too. I’m glad the writers didn’t wait the entire show to get that elephant out of the room (and it was really nicely handled when the time came); where their relationship is heading makes a lot more sense, and I think it will be even better than ever (and long-lasting) now that they’ve worked something out. Their platonic chemistry is really great.

    •    Head Canon: I firmly believe that Dipper will always come back to Gravity Falls every year for some amount of time, well into adulthood.

    •    Unpopular opinion: Hm…nothing that I can really think of.

    •    An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: I don’t have any particular or likely scenarios in mind, but I can say: Please stay safe Dipper but please don’t ever lose your insatiable curiosity either, Gravity Falls would be just another sleepy town without your adventurous spirit and determination.

    •    My nickname for them: I’ve taken a page out of Bill’s book and like to call him Pine Tree (or alternatively, a page out of Mabel’s book and occasionally refer to him as Dippingsauce).

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Fandom- Avatar: Legend of Korra?

Yes good, I have so many complicated feelings about LOK.

The first character I first fell in love with: Korra ofc. POC female protagonist (plus her body type, ngl, that feels like representation to me too) who doesn’t shy away from being “bossy”? Yes! Which is perhaps why I’m a bit bitter about some of the turns her character has taken over the seasons (hardheadedness and pettiness at times taken too far). I still like her, though.
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Varrick! Once I got used to his 24/7 salesman mode (fast-talker, boisterous) and his occasional slights toward Zhu Li, I really started to like his craftiness. I’ve really enjoyed how much we’ve seen of him in S4 so far.
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Mako maybe? I don’t hate him or anything, but I find him one of the less compelling protagonists.
The character I love that everyone else hates: I’m not really “in” the fandom enough to know the answer to this.
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Bolin. Too often his comedic relief (after S1) felt unnatural and forced. And his whole womanizing shtick (S2) really rubbed me the wrong way after he had been such a respectful guy in S1. I’m slowly getting to like him again.
The character I would totally smooch: Um. Gee. Well I’m pretty sure I’ve developed a crush on Asami, so…
The character I’d want to be like: Suyin. She’s like metal itself: flexible, but also steadfast. I find her very admirable. (There’s a lot more I want to say about her but I can’t quite articulate aaah.)
The character I’d slap: Prince Wu. He’s a womanizer (ugh, I’ve had enough of those in the Korra series) and, of course, a spoiled brat…which is why I’m really glad to see his developing relationship with Mako, because Mako is the reality check he needs. I’ve been warming up to Wu over time.
A pairing that I love: Korra/Asami in pretty much any capacity (platonic or romantic). This is for reasons far beyond representation (although it includes those); it’s just so nice to see these two great female protagonists no longer failing the Bechdel test. They had chemistry from the start, and the catfighting really drove me up the wall in no small part because it felt like they were just being used for some perceived need for romantic drama. I also felt that reduced both of their characters. So to me it feels very redeeming to see late S3 and into S4 the two of them really starting fresh and forming a close bond. IMO there were seeds of that in S1 and should’ve been developing this entire time.
A pairing that I despise: Mako/Korra (although to be clear, it’s not that I despise it so much as find it frustrating), because it was a mess from the start. I can sympathize with both of them, I understand (esp. from Mako’s point of view) what it’s like to be torn between two people you love and to untangle romantic feelings, and I can even reasonably see why things got as ugly as they did. But I’m still really, really uncomfortable with how Mako set boundaries and made it clear that he didn’t want to date a teammate and wanted to be with Asami, but waffled a lot; and how Korra made that desperate bid by kissing him way back in S1. I’m upset at how much it damaged Team Avatar’s relationships as a whole, for seasons, and made it rife with petty fights and unnecessary love triangles and drama. And because people still want them to be together even after they both tried and mutually agreed that it doesn’t work. (takes a deep breath) OK. That’s all.

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i just i went on your blog for a readmore and saw the new theme! I like it!!

Isn’t it lovely? I’m really impressed by the layout and level of customization, and the background is Guild Wars 2 concept art of my favorite zone (Zephyr Sanctum) generously provided by its developers on the official site. I’m glad you like my choice!

(Also, thank you for the message you left on my footnote from a little earlier; it’s always great having your input and insights.)

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(Response to electron carpet thing) That's a really interesting idea too! But it's not what I meant. I was saying, let's say you've got Bipper as was in the episode- Dipper is a ghost, out of the picture here- and Bipper shuffles around on the carpet with Mabel. That would put Mabel in Dipper's body, and put Bill in Mabel's body. The Electron Carpet therefore gives him a way to use as many vessels as he wants with only one deal to get into the first person's body. Which seems... concerning.

Aha! I figured I wasn’t quite getting it right, but I’ve been getting a little AU-ish with my prompts anyway so I couldn’t be sure. :)

Fun! I’ve got this one mentally tucked away. For now, it’s back to sautéing  vegetables for dinner and brainstorming dialogue for that Stan-and-Bill prompt~