How Long is Forever?: Chapter 1

Rating: Mature

Ships: finnrey, reylo, finnlo, finnreylo

Notes: Just to be clear out of the gate, this will be a story of Finn, Rey, and Ben developing a polyamorous relationship—not Rey or Finn cheating on each other with Ben. If polyamory isn’t your thing, then this particular story may not be your cup of tea. Otherwise, welcome aboard this beautiful ship!

Many thanks to @reylotrashcompactor for her beta work, as per usual. You are my fanfic soulmate, dear! :D

The quote featured in this chapter is by Ernest Hemingway.

We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in.

No matter what name he goes by now, Finn will always think of the the general’s son as Kylo Ren. He spent too many years taking orders from him to see Ben Solo as anything besides the man in the mask.

Now he stands on the outskirts of the training yard, watching Rey and Kylo spar. Today they’ve put away practice swords, and they move with the passion and purpose of a true battle. Rey circles him, her yellow saberstaff spinning through complicated forms. Kylo blocks each of her blows with the lightsaber that once belonged to his uncle, and his grandfather before him. He handles the blue blade as if it was made for him, and Finn wonders, vaguely, what it’s like, to know with such definitive confidence that something belongs to you.

Rey gets in a hit—a glancing blow to Kylo’s upper arm—and he hisses, pale face twisted in pain.

“You’re sloppy today,” she taunts, and Finn has rarely heard her sound so gleeful.

Rey advances before he can regain his footing, and Kylo barely raises his saber in time to block her next attack. He growls, sounding more like a beast than a man, calling Rey a scavenger brat.

He’s going to lose today, and Finn decides not to stick around for the inevitable blood and burns. He’d rather not see the triumph on Rey’s face when she defeats her opponent, because it worries him a little, the pleasure she always seems to take in injuring Kylo.

That night, when Rey undresses and joins him in bed, Finn sees that she’s unbruised and unburned.

“Looks like you won your spar,” he says, and he makes himself smile.

Rey wraps an arm around his waist, settles her head on his chest, and kisses the place over his heart. “I hate to say it, but I almost miss the way Ben used to fight. He was harder to beat then.”

Something in her wistful tone unsettles him, but Finn keeps his voice light when he asks, “Are you saying you liked Kylo Ren better when he was trying to kill you?”

Rey shifts, growing quiet for a long moment, before she finally says, “He never tried to kill me.”

“Never?” Finn asks. “What about—”

Rey climbs on top of him, straddling his hips, and says, “I do not want to think about Ben Solo right now.”

Finn grins, puts his hands on her slender waist, and makes a sound between a laugh and moan when Rey takes his cock in hand. They make love, and it feels so good with her, the way it always does.

She’s different tonight: Rey scratches his chest, pulls his hair, rides him so roughly that it almost hurts. She’s always more aggressive in bed after she spars with Kylo. He supposes that this could simply be because fighting gets her blood running hot, but Finn can’t help but think there’s more to it than that.

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