thessalonika arzu embry


As a black person this makes me really proud but at the same time it really frustrates me because the news never focus on the positive qualities of blacks which in reality actually out weighs the negatives but the media only focus on the negatives.. why does a 4 year old black boy cussing makes huge media headlines but a 4 year black girl genius does not……that’s what really frustrates me. 


Fox News 32 - 14 Year Old Girl Set to Graduate from College!

Meet Thessalonika Arzu-Embry, our very own teenage college graduate.

These are times to celebrate, no matter if it’s a year later. This fills my heart with so much joy. After years of suppression, we rise. Education isn’t for everyone, but with knowledge there is power. I hope she continues to shine. :)


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you, like black people are quite uneducated, im sorry but mike deserved it, he was a criminal, and he assaulted darren wilson, he thought he was invincible and above the law, and he was killed because of it.

first of all, black people uneducated? nuh uh. here are just some of many feats of black excellence

secondly, no mike didn’t deserve to die

thirdly. black people are targeted by police all the time, i am 100% sure that no black person EVER feels invincible or above the law, most black people are afraid of police and are no where near above the law. he was not killed because he was naive, he was murdered because he was black.