I hope I didn’t butcher your BE-A-UTIFUL OC’s!

And in honesty, I’m envious of how proffessional and talented you are so my head just (Pressuremustimpresssempai)!

I am so glad I had the chance to draw these two! (Though I couldn’t get Spectral’s gorgeous, pettable mane right)

Hope you like it and thank you so so much!!


Does anyone know a way to see messages you replied to privately? Or are they gone forever once you replied? I need the pony names people sent me @@

if you got a reply back from me about my chosen pony name trades! Please send yours to me again them again!

Thank you everyone for your help! I found the missing notes, and got that Xkit extension to help prevent losing them in the future!

ask-squallandtalin  asked:

You won second prize in my giveaway!!! Now you have a choice of one or two OCs or characters for to draw in detail in and pose you like. So what pose and characters do you want?

(( Woo! How awesome! I would love to see something with Ember Wind - and Spectral As for a pose, just anything playful, they are best friends, get into trouble together a lot. ))