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“9/11 wasn’t that bad? Seriously?

There are a lot of things that irk me more than I’d like to admit. This is not one of them, because I am fully ok with admitting it.

Now, I realize that different people handle situations differently, especially ones that hurt or cause grief. Some joke about it, some ignore it, and others pour out their emotion. But I will not stand for people pushing this particular event aside, and saying “it wasn’t that bad”.

When the Japanese surprise-attacked Pearl Harbor the morning of December 7th, 1941, about 2,300 people died, and most of those were military personnel. That, along with a few other things, propelled the US into WWII. Without that, it would have taken us much longer to join up.

So the Japanese took their planes, fooled our radar, and bombed a harbor. Over the next 60 years, we improved our security, our technology, and the way in which we ran the country.

But the morning of September 11, 2001, we were not expecting anything. It wasn’t the middle of a HUGE war (nowhere near the scale or intensity of WWII), and no whispers were coming through the channels. It was silent.

The hijackers took control of planes, and slammed them into buildings, and they fell. But let’s review that.

Hijackers convinced of their righteous mission, took over the first plane, flying from Boston to Los Angeles. It was a regular, daily flight for the crew, or the airport staff. There might have been a family, taking their first trip to Disneyland before they went back to school. Maybe a newlywed couple, excited to spend their first week and “Mr. and Mrs”. Possibly, an elderly man could have been traveling to see his granddaughter that was just born. It was like any other day.

And these men took over, and the day was no longer normal. There was screaming, crying, and panic. No one really knew what was going on until they felt the impact of the tower. And they couldn’t do anything about it, because they were trapped. Normal people, going about their normal lives, forced into this situation.

Inside the Trade Center, thousands of people started pouring out, anything to get away from the fire and carnage. Some were trapped under debris. Some died of smoke inhalation, or severe burns. Some might have even died the moment they reached safety because the strain was too much. But most of these people were just going to work, or getting a bite to eat, or socializing. It was a regular day.

Two more planes were diverted from their regular courses to serve malicious intent. They were crashed into the other tower of the Trade Center, and the Pentagon, respectively. The Pentagon. The center of intelligence, the safest and smartest place in the US. Right? It’s indestructible.

Think about the mother, who was dragged out of the building just in time, realizing that her two-year old daughter is still at the daycare center inside. Think about the brother, hearing that his sister’s workplace has been attacked, and now his has too. Think about the panic of all those white-collared professional business people. They deal with the logistic side of things, and the now the fight has literally come to them.

Lastly, and most important, a flight from New Jersey on its way to the San Francisco airport was taken over by four hijackers. There were only 40 people on board, not including the hijackers. After a lot of shuffling and struggling, the four men took over the cockpit, having incapacitated the pilot. At this point, the passengers were getting worried, and started calling their family members and friends. One man learned of the destruction that had happened in New York, and in less than 20 minutes, they had all decided to take back control of the plane.

They used a food cart as a battering ram, and once into the cockpit, began to fight over the yoke. They crashed in a Pennsylvania field seconds later. No one survived.

I understand that much worse things could have happened that day. But there’s a large difference between Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Pearl Harbor was a naval base. That means the attackers were specifically targeting our military.

On 9/11, 3,000 people died, and about 7,000 were treated for injuries caused by the attacks. Less than 150 of the casualties were military personnel. The rest were civilians. Over 90 countries lost lives because of foreign nationals who were caught in the attacks.

I am not, in any way, saying that those in the military aren’t worth as much as civilians. But when one signs up for that responsibility, they must be aware that they signed up to give their life for their country. There is the possibility of them dying in the line of fire for their country, and they know that. But civilians never asked for that. Civilians live their lives with a sense of safety, partially because of the security that the military and the US provides. They don’t have to be scared of something like that happening.

But it did. Our privacy and safety was violated. We felt scared and confused. Many wondered if there was going to be a war, or more attacks on different sides of the country. They didn’t attack the army, or the navy, or the air force. Those men attacked the heart of the country. I feel the most sorry for those who lived long enough to see both Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Let me tell you, I will never forget the September 11 attacks. And I will unabashedly honor the people that died each year.”

Very well put. Thank you noproblemaliens.

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Tumblr, instead of posting something about 9/11, let’s try something. Don’t post anything for 24 hours starting at midnight, a whole day of silence and remembrance for the ones lost on this terrible date 11 years ago. If you decide against this, go ahead. By all means, give every single innocent person who died that day the respect they deserve. 

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