thespacecoyote replied to your post: if taylor is supposedly one of your closests friends, why don’t you ever hang out or talk about her? she has a habit of getting close to people who have talents so she can get free shit so be careful! D:

no they’re right, fan artists are basically like those box tops you tear off of cereal boxes and once you get 50 you send them in for a neat decoder ring

Fan Artists For Education:

3rd graders everywhere compete to see who can donate the most Fan Artists. 

All internet Homestuck fandom artists are standing naked in a classroom wondering how the hell they got there and why they’re completely sober.

sporkyforky  asked:

Holy crap, does everyone I follow and live within 600 miles of know each other or something? 0__0 WHO ARE YOU

PRETTY MUCH AHAHAHHAHA. My name is Nicole, I go to UCLA and met Hannah earlier this year. I am captaincrapster’s mystery girlfriend, he goes to USC. Ahmerst lives up North but came down to visit Hannah once and me and Eli met her, and Rhaeme is also up north but he’s just in love with Eli so we all frands. AW YEAH. 

I opened up google docs and found this while looking for my actual story.

The judges were at it again, changing the rules at the last minute. What do they intend to do, just make everyone rethink their headpieces? There wasn’t a height limit last year!
Roxy stormed her way back to the dressing rooms, at least twenty feet ahead of the other moms. She slammed open the large door, startling a number of girls whose stations were near the entry. She gave them stern looks and huffed her way to makeup station number twenty-five, where she had made their little beauty nest.
Fiercely, she began rummaging through their oversized suitcase full of pink and sequins. There had to be something in there she could use, something she could pull together before their act. Not to mention she’d have to RE-DO her hair. All that hairspray to waste.
Her daughter sit poised on the small round chair watching the slightly intoxicated since breakfast woman dig through the bag. She knew not to say anything while her mother was in one of her moods.


I had a dream last night that I got to meet a lot of you all on tumblr.
You all.
Looked like your icons.
And we were having a dance party at the park by my house.
Rose. You. Switched back and forth between your icon head and your real one. Like that was just  a thing you could do and you were showing everyone that WOW HEY THIS IS POSSIBLE. And you ended up keeping your real head because everyone kept mistaking you for Nachte.
There were a lot of you too doing weird things. I can barely remember.
Like spacecoyote, hannah. You were there dancing with your icon head and john cosplay in this bouncy house and for some reason you could do the windy thing because you were in cosplay.
arcaneseamstress was playing on the swings i remember.
And Breezy, mulattafury, you were like punking out the party. And teaching everyone how to rave. And then eventually you moved everyone to the bouncy house and there was flashing lights and it was really cool.