Oh my god, it’s Betty doing Ike’s voice in the latest episode. This is precious.


Deleted Scene From “Tweek x Craig”


An alternate version of the “Book of Love” montage was also posted:

A video posted by Boogie Parker (@thesouthparkers) on Oct 28, 2015 at 7:47pm PDT

The South Park Fandom Summed Up, Based on What I've Seen So Far

• I would die for my ship
• Kyman vs Style ship war is more important than both world wars combined
• Matt and Trey gifs
• saying the new South Park seasons suck, but proceeding to watch them anyway
• anger over the Fractured But Whole
• Kyle being labeled “kosher daddy”
• Stan is an alcoholic who is very gay
• they’re all very gay
• Craig is a rebellious, bad boy even though he’s canonically a science-fiction-red-racer-guinea-pig enthusiast
• edits
• insane amounts of Yaoi
• Kyle in Chains
• Kyle and the goldfish in Kyle in Chains
• memes
@southparksaywhat ’s videos
• “South Park is my antidepressant”
• having a crush on stan
• the confession blogs
• secret double lives as musical fans because of the book of mormon
• complaining Matt only owns like four shirts
• thesouthparkers on Instagram and going bonkers every time they post
• Drinking games for interviews
• Fireside Chats
• Bakin’ Bacon with Macon ft. Pig Cannibalism
• Cannibal! the Musical
• “Kenny is a genderfluid pansexual and is gay for Butters”
• Wendy Testaburger = trash
• the Creek game that was supposed to be a thing
• changing the wiki pages
• RIC122