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Saturday. Get Free x Michael Thee! Production. #TheSoundGallery
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The next #Heirwave is April 26th.

We are now on TWO floors of various artists (bands, singers, and rappers). Two floors of vendors

Might see some giveaways as well.

Second floor powered by @Get_Go_Productions #GetGoProductions

Advanced tickets available at heirwave.splashthatcom

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GRAND OPENING OF THE SOUND GALLERY Largest vintage audio store in Austin with restored high-end gear to open on South Congress, February 20, 2014.


Largest vintage audio store in Austin with restored high-end gear to open on South Congress, February 20, 2014.

Austin, Texas - February 14, 2014 - When it opens on Thursday, February 20, The Sound Gallery will be the largest vintage audio store in Austin, if not the world. Located on South Congress, the shop is 3000 square feet of carefully curated restored high-end and mid-priced stereo gear - from turntables and receivers to speakers and tape recorders. In addition, The Sound Gallery will have an espresso bar where music fanatics can gather and celebrate the culture and sounds they love.

Marc Campbell, former leader of 80s band THE NAILS, known for their underground hit “88 Lines About 44 Women”, and his partner Mirgun Akyavas, have combined their skills in music and design to create an environment that is more than just a store. It’s a vibe and a social statement. Campbell and Akyavas have committed themselves to re-introducing Austinites to the exquisite pleasure of analog sound and the machines of loving grace that produce it. 

In describing The Sound Gallery’s commitment, Campbell’s passion for what he’s doing is palpable. “As people return to the glories of vinyl, we’re here to give Austin access to high quality stereo gear so they can enjoy their vinyl like it was intended to sound.”

“For the past few decades, the entire history of recorded popular music has been high jacked by corporations that are selling us inferior quality and cheaply produced replications of that music. The Sound Gallery represents a return to bygone standards of excellence in the quality of sound reproduction. Our turntables, stereo receivers, and speakers have been restored by technicians who love what they do, and know what they’re doing. We’re more than a business, we’re a way of life,” said Campbell.

The Sound Gallery will also be selling fully restored typewriters and telephones. “We’re making a statement about values”, Campbell declares. “In a world cluttered with poorly made plastic crap, The Sound Gallery is intent on making available the absolute best gear for listening and communication. As a writer who likes the physicality of typing words on paper and that giddy clatter of typewriter keys, we’ve got some beautifully designed vintage typewriters for sale. And our telephones are big and colorful and you won’t easily lose them or accidentally drop them down the toilet.”

Essentially The Sound Gallery is about soul and respecting the artists that created the music and providing the format for that music to be presented in its absolute best quality.

Campbell added, “We won’t have wi-fi in our cafe. We’re a hi-fi hotspot. People will have to talk to each other. There are plenty of cafes where folks can be mesmerized by their laptops. In our joint, we want people to mesmerize each other. ”

ABOUT THE SOUND GALLERY: The Sound Gallery sells beautifully restored audio gear, vinyl records, typewriters, telephones etc. If you’ve grown tired of MP3s, streaming and Soundclouds, The Sound Gallery offers an alternative. With a coffee and wine bar, owners Marc Campbell and Mirgun Akyavas offer a venue where people can gather and celebrate the art and craftsmanship of an era in which music machines had soul and substance. Located on 4930 South Congress the Sound Gallery will join the Austin music scene on February 20th, 2014.