1. You can find it here! (It’s under the ship and cabin outfits. I will also be doing some more for the new covers)
  2. Sure!
  3. Nah. I end up reading a lot of them, though.
  4. You can find it here.
  5. Of course! (I’ll answer in a pm too.)
  6. Welcome to the family!
  7. Sure! They’ll be up soon.
  8. You can find it here.
  9. It’ll be up soon! It looks really interesting.
  10. Oh, don’t worry. it doesn’t really matter which way you send it. I’ll have it up soon!
  11. I’ll be doing an outfit for it the day it comes out.
  12. I’ll do one for the first, but Mortal heart will have to wait for when it comes out. Thanks!