jacobintransit  asked:

Are you actually a trans woman? If not, your URL is hella offensive.

My URL is not about myself.  It’s about Sarah Walker of Chuck.

It’s a reference to my favourite character in my favourite episode of my favourite TV Show, Chuck vs. Phase Three.  In it, Chuck was taken and hidden in Thailand.  His memory was going to be wiped, every element of what made him Chuck.

Sarah lost it, and went on a manhunt through Thailand to find him.  She kicked a lot of ass, and saved him.

The nickname “Giant Blonde She-Male” came from the people of Thailand.  They spoke of a giant blonde she-male that was tearing through their town.  

Where they got the “she-male” part from, we don’t know.  The most popular assumption, and the one I like, is that she possessed the strength and fighting prowess that they assumed only belonged to males.  She kicks ass.  She’s a bamf.  I adore her.

So, no, my URL is not about me.  It’s a shout out to my favourite character going to any length to save the one person she cares most about in life.