Well sorta, think I might try a couple different versions of the Blue Bomber himself this week, but for the time being I’m happy. Thinking of doing these as a set of nine 12"x12"s also, that way they can go into record frames and retain some of that original Mega Man 2 goodness. What do you think?

“John McClane. He’s the only chance anyone has got.” –Lance Hardpound

Although there were some good suggestions, John McClane was the most requested, which I was glad because I wasn’t sure I truly did him justice with that Xmas illustration.

Still fudging with the shading some, but overall I’m pretty happy with it. I told you guys there would be some bad dudes this year…TOLD YOU SO.

Anywho, if you would like a print of this Mr. Hardpound (giggity) send me an email with your address so I can send you a copy.

Til’ next week Tumblrites.

“The Iron Giant. One of the greatest and most underrated animated movies; I think I like it more than my 4 year old boy, I can recite just about the entire movie by heart! And my four year old votes for this too, not something typical like Robocop!” -Epifone

I just wanted to clarify since I think there has been some confusion, this year it isn’t necessarily about who’s the first to answer that wins the print, it’s my favorite answer that wins the print. With that in mind keep on submitting homies!

I love me some Iron Giant and I hope you guys enjoy the illustration. If you would like a print of this Mr./Mrs. Epifone just shoot an electronic piece of mail to me.

Been thinking more and more of doing some gamer/movie related typographic posters. Let me know what you guys think of my take on the Konami code.

ADDITIONALLY, if you guys have any idears on some sweet words that would look cool in poster format don’t be shy about it…I have been known to give out posters for good idears…and to pronounce ideas as “idears”.

And the pair together.

Evidently, I felt like using crazy thick brush strokes when I worked on the Jules’ portrait, so I’ll need to do something to get them a little closer together stylistically later on down the road.

But, for now, I’m happy with them.

Revised this illustration last night because the first attempt was just turrible to mine eyes. HOWEVER, I am much happier with this version so I will be moving on to one to my next favorite of the turtles.

Let me know what you dudes think.

And a good Monday to you as well.

Just wanted to let you guys know that these went into the shop over the weekend. Also, if you use the discount code “TUMBLR” at checkout you’ll get a 10% discount.

Hopefully this Monday is treating you oh so right.


Oh hai dudes, long time no post.

Created this piece after watching 13 Assassins (which you should watch with your eyes, if you haven’t already). This should be landing in the shop (if you’re interested) sometime next week in a variety of colors.

While we are on the topic of samurai movies…does anyone have any suggestions to other awesome sword fighting flicks I should check out?


Okay, so I knoooooow that I’m getting this up a little late (giggity) but I really wanted to try something a little different. Really digging this overall idea and look, so if this gets enough “likes” I’ll get it screen printed (possibly on a t-shirt? How does that strike you?) and possibly turn it into a series.

The person who gets a free print of this for suggesting Mumm-ra is Kenny from Disqus. Get at me Mr. Kenny and your free print will be on it’s way.



Taught me to always watch the ever-growing red bar on my TEMP meter whenever I ride. And the sideline cameramen always had their eyes on me; they know who the star was.” -Ryan Applegate

That’s right they knew who the star was Ryan…it was Mr. Applegate.

Alright, so I realize that this isn’t my normal style, but I felt like trying something different this week. Actually, I’m not even sure that I’ve found a “style” yet, even after a year and some change, but I know I haven’t done anything in pixel-art style yet.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Also, if you would a print of this Mr. Applegate just shoot me an email with your physical address.

“The giant Cyclops from Greek mythology, definitely. You know, the one who fought Hercules?
He has one big eye, but an even bigger heart.” - JdoddJ

When I read this line I knew what had to be done…I had to match JdoddJ’s ridiculous comment with an equally ridiculous illustration. After going through all of the different scenarios in my mind, it was clear that an 80’s school portrait with lasers in the background was the only option (plus it neatly packaged all three options I presented (80’s, fables, more Bad Dudes) into one tidy package).

Listen you guys, I have to be honest, I have no idea what the hell I’m doing this year but I know I didn’t want to restrict myself like I did last year. 52 Bad Dudes was fun as hell, but towards the end I was kind of yearning for more. HOWEVER, if you like you’re seeing here I promise that you will be satisfied this year, as we journey together, hand in hand, slaying dragons on this magic carpet ride (and there will be more Bad Dudes this year I promise, among other things).

Nothing like starting off the new year in style, hit me up with an email JdoddJ if you’re interested in getting a print of this.