So, today is November 18. To most of you guys, its probably just a day
But to me, its a lot more than that. Today makes exactly 1 year since I met someone who changed my life forever. Cassie Holland. AKA, florabones. A year ago today, I was just a really fucked up kid looking for someone to help me, little did I know, I’d meet my best friend. She’s been there for me through literally everything. I didn’t know it was possible to care about a person so much that I’ve never met. And I cant wait until this summer when that will change! Cassie, I so much that I cannot even put it into words. I literally wouldn’t be alive without you. You’re my hero, my night in shining armor. And simply the most lovely person on the planet. I love you to the moon and back cutiebutt. :* <3